The sector is dedicated to all manufacturers of fresh and processed meat products with a wide range of starter cultures, fibers, antioxidants, proteins, functional blends and flavoring preparations for cooked hams, fresh sausages, cured and emulsified products and gastronomy industry. In our R&D laboratory we develop innovative food ingredient blends for all market requirements; we also design tailor-made solutions in partnership with the client to improve naturalness, taste, safety and shelf life of finished products.


Chimab is pleased to present DELIEXTENDER GREEN and BROWN, innovative functional solutions that give specific color, texture and yield to food preparations. 

DELIEXTENDER GREEN and DELIEXTENDER BROWN are vegetable-fiber based formulations: 100% natural, ideal for vegetarian and vegan products, with no additives, preservatives or E numbers.
They are multi-functional and perfect in numerous deli applications, even the heat-treated ones.  

DELIEXTENDER GREEN: for all food applications that need a “green note” - perfect for green coloring or nuances.
DELIEXTENDER BROWN: for all food applications that need a “brown note” - perfect for brown coloring or nuances.


  • 100% vegetable fibers: fiber enrichment
  • Binding and emulsifying properties
  • Resistance to heat, physical and preservation processes (cooking, freezing/thawing)
  • Water retention: binding activity for water and fats
  • Better texture and uniformity
  • Suited for both hot and cold preparations
  • Cost effective: structure optimization and better product composition with reduced costs
  • Gums, additives, thickeners and protein replacer
  • No flavor overlapping
  • Clean Label: No E number
  • Allergen-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No salt
  • Multi-Purpose: flexibility in terms of usage
  • It improves structure and flavor
  • It can be added dry during the productive process
  • PH resistant acid/basic
  • Reduced syneresis


Low sodium - High performance: CARNILIFE LS1 and CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE

Functional solutions for the reduction of sodium chloride in meat products: safety, flavour and unaltered organoleptic properties in finished products.

In meat  products, salt is essential for giving flavour, structure and safety. Reducing the salt is important for a low salt diet, but reducing it often means affecting the quality and the stability of the products.
CHIMAB has prepared CARNILIFE LS1 and CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE, system of functional solutions that reduce the salt by up to 40%, ensuring a safe and tasty low-salt finished product of superior quality, with unchanged organoleptic properties. A system comprising of two complete and high performance solutions, ideal in applications such as:

  • processed meat products in general;
  • emulsified products;
  • cooked ham and pork shoulders;
  • fresh sausages;
  • processed chicken and turkey products;       
  • gastronomy and ready meals.   

CARNILIFE LS1: reduction of sodium chloride salt by up to 40%

Innovative solution based on potassium salts combined with a blend of flavours , favours protein extraction, enhances the flavour and prolongs the shelf life of products, reducing the sodium content by up to 40%. Ideal in all meat  products, CARNILIFE LS1 is perfect for cooked ham, Mortadella, sausages and hamburgers.

CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE: flavour, safety and unchanged organoleptic properties – despite the drastic reduction of salt.

Functional aromatic solution that contributes to reducing the microbial load, maintaining an optimum level of safety despite the drastic reduction of sodium in the recipe. CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE enhances the flavour and aromatic profile, bringing out the characteristic "meat taste", typical of the finished product. Used in synergy with CARNILIFE LS1, it allows a reduction of sodium, ensuring an aromatic "boost", control of the microbial load, increased shelf life.

Chimab R&D Lab is at your disposal for developing tailor made solutions for sodium reduction. Please contact our experts at - +39 049 9201496