The sector is dedicated to all manufacturers of fresh and processed meat products with a wide range of starter cultures, fibers, antioxidants, proteins, functional blends and flavoring preparations for cooked hams, fresh sausages, cured and emulsified products and gastronomy industry. In our R&D laboratory we develop innovative food ingredient blends for all market requirements; we also design tailor-made solutions in partnership with the client to improve naturalness, taste, safety and shelf life of finished products.

SODIUM REDUCTION IN MEAT PRODUCTS - Tailor made food ingredient solutions

“Eating healthier” is one of the main trends that will drive food industry also in 2019. Worldwide, food companies are working to develop new products that will answer to new consumers’ request. Moreover, new food ingredients and blends can help improving old and traditional products, giving them a new clean image.

In meat sector, one of the main topic is sodium reduction: the excess intake of sodium is considered a human health threat because it is linked to hypertension, increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Organizations such as the Food Safety Authority (FSA) and National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI) have defined sodium targets to decrease the intake of sodium salts. In 2019, manufacturers are expected to respond to these themes and seek to reduce overall levels of salt (and sugar, fat and total calories) in a clean and transparent way.

CHIMAB R&D Lab studied and developed food ingredient solutions that help manufacturers answer to these new trends. Moreover, they tested many specialty clean label ingredients that can reduce sodium, compensate water activity and keep microbiological stability. 

CARNILIFE LS1 is a functional solution for the reduction of sodium chloride in meat products to ensure safety, flavour and unaltered organoleptic properties in the finished product.

Perfect in high quality finished product, such as

  • Meat products
  • Emulsified products
  • Cooked ham and pork shoulders
  • Fresh sausages
  • Processed chicken and turkey products
  • Gastronomy and ready meals

CARNLIFE LS1 is an innovative mixture that enhances the flavours and prolongs the shelf life of products, reducing the sodium content by up the 40%. Ideal in all meat products, CARNILIFE LS1 is perfect for cooked ham, Mortadella, sausages and hamburgers. (Fig. 1)

CHIMAB product range includes many ingredients and functional solutions designed for salt reduction in many applications. CHIMAB has a highly specialized technical and commercial approach: our technologists can help you by studying product and process needs of customers, always offering the most suitable products and by guaranteeing assistance and a highly specialized approach.



PERFORMER MSG REPLACER: food ingredient solutions for MSG replacement in all food preparations

PERFORMER MSG REPLACER is CHIMAB natural solution that can be used for the 1:1 monosodium glutamate (MSG) replacement, but with a clean label without E-number.


This innovative natural formulation is the answer to the needs of food industry: the request for healthier product with clean label needs to be combined with good taste and flavor. PERFORMER MSG REPLACER ensures a perfect aromatic boost, enhancing the taste in different food preparations.
The aromatic preparation tastes exactly like monosodium glutamate but it has no meaty notes: it is a perfect neutral booster for every application that requires umami flavor, also vegan or vegetable-based.

PERFORMER MSG REPLACER is a no yeast-extracts formula: it is based on molecules exclusively patented for CHIMAB and its clients. It is labeled as 100% natural flavour, with an excellent aromatic boost without off flavor.

Like others CHIMAB solutions it can be tailored following different client needs and it can be combined with other CHIMAB solutions for a perfect natural finished product, with high quality. Our technicians are at your disposal for finding and testing the right solution for every needs.