The Chimab sector dedicated to industrial gastronomy: savoury, snacks, ready meals, stuffed pasta, canned vegetables and fish, spreadable cheese, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, condiments, ethnic food and more. We have a wide range of ingredients such as fibers, yeast extracts, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, meat and fish extracts, starches, flavours and aromatic preparations improving food taste, quality and naturalness. In the R&D laboratory we create food ingredient solutions for shelf life, yield, texture and tailor-made ingredient blends meeting customers' specific product or process need.


Chimab is pleased to present DELIEXTENDER GREEN and BROWN, innovative functional solutions that give specific color, texture and yield to food preparations. 

DELIEXTENDER GREEN and DELIEXTENDER BROWN are vegetable-fiber based formulations: 100% natural, ideal for vegetarian and vegan products, with no additives, preservatives or E numbers.
They are multi-functional and perfect in numerous deli applications, even the heat-treated ones.  

DELIEXTENDER GREEN: for all food applications that need a “green note” - perfect for green coloring or nuances.
DELIEXTENDER BROWN: for all food applications that need a “brown note” - perfect for brown coloring or nuances.


  • 100% vegetable fibers: fiber enrichment
  • Binding and emulsifying properties
  • Resistance to heat, physical and preservation processes (cooking, freezing/thawing)
  • Water retention: binding activity for water and fats
  • Better texture and uniformity
  • Suited for both hot and cold preparations
  • Cost effective: structure optimization and better product composition with reduced costs
  • Gums, additives, thickeners and protein replacer
  • No flavor overlapping
  • Clean Label: No E number
  • Allergen-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No salt
  • Multi-Purpose: flexibility in terms of usage
  • It improves structure and flavor
  • It can be added dry during the productive process
  • PH resistant acid/basic
  • Reduced syneresis


DELISTAB MAYO VEGAN CLEAN - Fuctional solutions for vegan & clean label mayonnaise

Chimab R&D broadens the range of vegan solutions with a functional blend for sauces and dressing, like mayonnaise.

DELISTAB MAYO VEGAN CLEAN is a texturizing system made of native starches and vegetable proteins. The finished product has no allergens, preservative or E-numbers and it may be pasteurized. Furthermore, it has a stable and creamy texture, with texturizing and flavouring properties as the classic mayonnaise, without off-flavours.

DELISTAB MAYO VEGAN CLEAN can be used in different production facilities and it is simple and easy to use: just dissolve the mix in oil, add the others ingredients and cool at 4°C for 10 hours. This innovative functional solution is perfect for standardizing the production process and it can be tailored to specific needs.


  • Vegan
  • Allergen Free (no soy nor gluten)
  • Short and clean label
  • E Number free
  • Tailor made flavours available
  • Easy to use (in any facility)
  • Low fat
  • Excellent mouthfeel