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May 10, 2018


Carniflavour Juice FS Powder is the renewed range of food ingredient solutions for high quality meat products, natural and with a perfect organoleptic profile.Carniflavour Juice FS Powder is a mix of natural vegetable extracts, perfect for cooked, fermented and seasoned meat products.

Carniflavour Juice FS Powder guarantees

  • Microbiological safety: by bringing into formulation the right amount of active ingredients that prevent the growth of pathogens.
  • Development of typical organoleptic characteristics of products, such as

- Color stability: by giving and maintaining a typical and standard pink color in cooked products
- Strengthening of aromatic profile: Carniflavour Juice FS Powder has a positive influence on distinctive product flavours ( no off flavours) 

Outcome: safe and natural products, with characteristic colour, harmonious flavour and without E numbers.

For a complete recipe, 100% natural and without E numbers, Chimab R&D suggests the combined use of Carniflavour Juice FS Powder and NATUROXI, complete and natural antioxidant system,

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