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January 03, 2018

Food ingredient: use of hydroxytyrosol in the fish and vegetable oils and in spreadable fats (EU Decision No. 2017/2373)

The European Commission, with EU Decision of 14 December 2017 n. 2373, authorized the use of the food additive hydroxytyrosol in fish and vegetable oils and in fats for spreading to the general population and with exclusion for children under the age of three and pregnant women and breastfeeding, in accordance with the legislation governing new products and novel food ingredients.

Provisions envisaged by EU Decision n. 2017/2373

The EU Decision in question authorizes the use of hydroxytyrosol:

  • in fish and vegetable oils, excluding olive oils and olive-pomace oils, in a concentration not exceeding 0,215 g / kg;
  • in spreadable fats, in a concentration not higher than 0.175 g / kg;

for the general population with the exception of children under the age of three and pregnant and lactating women.

Finally, the ingredient in question in order to be marketed in the European Union must comply with the technical specifications laid down in the annex to the aforementioned Decision.

Indication to be reported on the label of fish and vegetable oils and spreadable fats

The authorized name to be included in the labeling of food supplements containing hydroxytyrosol is "hydroxytyrosol".

The labeling of food products containing hydroxytyrosol must also bear the following indications:

  • "This food is not suitable for children under the age of three and for pregnant or breastfeeding women"
  • "This food product is not suitable for cooking, baking and frying