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November 28, 2017


Come and visit us and discover our live LAB & KITCHEN: the most innovative food ingredient solutions for every food industry sector.


28/11/2017 - Food ingredient solutions for MEAT & DAIRY ANALOGUE products – Renewed mixes for vegetarian and vegan products, with excellent taste, texture, appearance and mouthfeel. With their complete nutritional values, based on vegetable fibers and proteins, Chimab solutions are simple & easy to use and they are usable in meat production facilities too.

VEGGIEBURG Complete functional solution for vegetarian and vegan burger, “meat”balls, nuggets and sausage based on vegetable fibers and proteins. With no allergens, preservatives or artificial colorings. .

VEGGIEMUL Ingredient mixes for emulsified vegan and vegetarian products, also to slice (as bologna sausage and frankfurters). A gluten & allergen free formula for a stable emulsion and a perfect texture.

VEGGIESTAB Neutral stabilizing solutions for vegan and vegetarian dairy-free products; clean-label, with no preservatives or allergens, perfect for improving also traditional dairy products

29/11/2017 - Food ingredient solutions for SWEET & SAVOURY CEREAL BARS

DELISTAB SNACK New neutral structuring system, fiber based, for sweet and salty products.

30/11/2017 - Food ingredient solutions for MEAT PRODUCTS

PERFORMER Aromatic solutions for creating aromatic boost and enhancing taste in finished products. 
CARNITEX Functional solutions based on vegetable extracts perfect for stabilizing flavour and color in finished products (also heat-treated)

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