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August 02, 2017

EU Regulation n. 2017/1399 - Food addittive: allowed the use of potassium polyaspartate (E 456) in wine

The European Commission has authorized the use of potassium polyaspartate (E 456) in wine as a new food additive other than dyes and sweeteners.

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 28 July 2017 no. 1399, amended the Community legislation governing:
• production, marketing and use of food additives;
• the purity requirements of additives;

Allowing the use of the new potassium polyaspartate (E 456) additive in wine.

Provisions provided for in EU Regulation n. 2017/1739
The new Regulation:
• authorizes the use of a new additive other than potassium polyaspartate dye and sweetener (E 456), in wine in quantities not exceeding 300 mg / l and at typical levels of between 100-200 mg / l;
• Provides the purity requirements of the new additive.