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March 23, 2017


Chimab Veggiemul is a  mix for vegetarian and vegan emulsified products, also to slice. New formulations with complete nutritional properties, customizable according to specific production needs or particular flavour profiles,

• VEGGIEMUL VEGAN: new solution for vegan emulsified product, based on pea protein

• VEGGIEMUL VEGETARIAN: new solution for vegetarian emulsified products, based on pea and egg protein

Versatile and high performing, these solutions allow a stable emulsion, high water retention and no phase separation in cooking, pasteurization and shelf life: for fresh, natural and healthy finished product, with good sliceability.


  • no E numbers
  • without  artificial colours or preservatives
  • rich in fibers and proteins
  • low fat
  • only natural flavouring
  • great taste & attractive visual aspect: texture and appearance similar to meat products.
  • same production process of meat-based products
  • multi – purpose solution: for frankfurters, cold-cuts, fillings