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June 28, 2017

Frutafit® & Frutalose® for sugar & fat reduction in biscuits


  • The role of fat, sugar and replacers cannot be ignored
  • Sugar and/or fat reduction results in higher biscuits with a smaller diameter
  • Replacing sugar and/or fat with Frutafit® CLR has a positive effect on the biscuit dimensions
  • Additional replacers, especially FOS, have an additional positive effect
  • Frutafit® CLR recommended for both sugar and fat replacement in sheet-and-cut short dough biscuit
  • Replacement level with Frutafit ® CLR of 50%, other 50% filled up with ‘matrix’
  • Optionally Frutalose ® OFP can be used additionally

Most attractive claim: Less sugar, rich in fiber

Sugar in biscuit recipes is important for dough properties, flow behaviour in the oven and texture, appearance and taste of the final product.

Typical for a soft American cookie is the soft, chewy texture. Maintaining this texture over shelflife is a challenge. Frutalose® oligofructose works excellent as sugar replacer in this type of product. The water retaining capacity keeps the cookies moist and soft over shelf life.
For cake and muffin Frutalose® oligofructose is recommended for replacing sugar up to 50%. These cakes and muffins with only half of the sugar level of the reference are slightly less sweet, but have a very tender crumb and soft texture.