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August 03, 2017

The effects of inulin on the sensory and physical properties of gluten-free products


  • Gluten Free market growth
  • Gluten Free Bread application
  • Gluten Free Muffin application

To keep pace with new trends Chimab has developed several Gluten Free solutions with Sensus inulin and oligofructose: applications for bread, muffins and baked goods overall.

Results on gluten-free bread

  • Loaf volume increase
  • Crust and crumb colour improvement
  • Sensory acceptance increase


Frutafit® benefit for gluten free muffin
Gluten free recipe with Frutafit® CLR:
Taste evaluation: More Soft, Moist, Tender, than reference, attractive colour. Perception of sweetness,  moistness , stickiness

Fiber enriched white bread with Frutafit® inulin
Bread with the appearance and eating properties of a white bread but due to the addition of Frutafit® inulin the dietary fiber content is increased
plus: Source of fiber

Other benefits.

  • Reduced baking time: Addition of inulin accelerates the baking process and crust formation; therefore the baking time can be reduced for the fiber enriched bread compared to the reference bread.
  • Premium product quality: Addition of fiber with inulin results in an excellent bread quality, in terms of appearance, taste and texture because of the neutral taste and the fact that inulin is a soluble fiber.
  • Dough viscosity: addition of Frutafit® influences dough viscosity, as a result of the water binding capacity of inulin