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June 11, 2018

Summer closing

From 10/08/20178 through 20/08/2018 we will be closed for summer holidays: during this period it will not be possible to make shipments or deliveries. Moreover, considering the interruption to transports services, we will be able to ensure deliveries only before 10/08/2017.
In order to plan them, please send us your orders by August 3 for raw materials and by July 13 for our semi-processed products.

All orders received after 03/08/2018 will only be delivered at the re-opening of the shipping, therefore raw materials will be shipped from our warehouse from 21/8/2018 on. Orders for Chimab semi-processed products received after 13/7/2018  will be processed upon re-opening.

For special enquiries, please contact our sales department: - +39 049 9201496.