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June 15, 2017

DELI: naturalness and functionality for industrial gastronomy and ready to eat

DELI is an innovative technological product range: functional flavouring preparations developed for industrial gastronomy (pasta and filled pasta, delicatessen of meat, cheese, vegs, broth, gravies, sauces, snacks and many more).

Ideal for:

  • Structure improvement
  • flavour  boosting, for better taste and masking off - flavours, thanks to aromatic profile

DELIEXTENDER: neutral texturizing solutions, dietary fiber based, additive free. Thanks to its 100% natural formula Deliextender is perfect for healthy claim products (no added salts, low fat  content…ect). They improve texture, without covering the product aromatic profile.

DELIFROM: aromatic functional solutions improving structure and taste of cheese based products or products requiring its use.

DELIVEG: aromatic functional solutions for vegetable based products or products requiring its use.

DELISAUCE: Aromatic functional solutions improving structure and taste of sauces and gravies.

DELIMIX: Aromatic functional solutions, tailor made on specific applicative needs.

DELIMIX PASTA FRESCA GF: functional system for gluten-free fresh pasta; vegan, egg-free formula also available.

DELIMASK: functional and flavouring solutions developed for reducing any sour, bitter or sweet tastes.

DELISTAB: functional preparation based on hydrocolloids.

DELIEMUL: functional preparation based on emulsifiers.

DELISAFE: functional preparation reducing the microbial load and improving shelf-life in chilled products.

DELIPASE: enzymatic mix based on phospholipases. Processing aid hydrolyzing egg's yolk lecithin and improving its performances: better emulsifying property, better thermal stability, better texture and costs saving wherever yolk is part of the formulation.

DELIPANASTELLA: functional blend for batter and breading; excellent sticky properties; it prevents oil absorption in deep frying.

The DELI product range Plus:

  • 100% natural, perfect for natural products or healthy claim ones
  • Clean label (no E numbers) – additive and allergen free
  • Better structure of products, with advantages on cost formula
  • Shelf life extension, thanks to Aw lowering
  • Emulsifying properties
  • Process (thermal and physical treatments) and conservation resistant (freezing and thawing)
  • Multi-purpose: perfect in many applications
  • Tailor made flavouring profiles

DELI is perfect in many applications, different production technologies (big production plant or small artisanal) different applications and clients’ or product’s needs.