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March 17, 2016

Sucrose esters multifunctionality in confectionery: sugar and sugar free solutions also for cereal bars

Sucrose esters are used in soft grained confection such as fudges, toffee’s, fondants and chewies. Other application areas are cereal bars and panned confectionery.

Main functionalities

  • Sugar crystallisation control: sucrose esters affect sugar crystallisation and sugar crystal stability
  • Emulsification

Sisterna Sucrose Esters are not only emulsifiers: they are “multifunctional ingredients”.

The advantages of using Sisterna sucrose esters:

  • Accelerated sugar (or polyol) crystallization: more rapid processing.
  • Formation of small sized, stable, crystals.
  • Dry, non-sticking, surface of the candy.
  • Improved shelf life.
  • Smooth and soft structure.
  • Attractive and whiter appearance.
  • No fat separation from the candy.
  • Very stable, smooth mix