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July 13, 2017

NATUROXI®: aromatic preparation, based on spices extracts and vegetable extracts rich in active principles with antioxidant action

Chimab R&D presents NATUROXI®, aromatic preparation, slightly vegetal flavoured, very effective and rich in spices extracts and vegetable extracts counteracting oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

In meat sector, and more generally in the food industry, traditional antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, often do not provide a complete anti-oxidant action due to:
 - variability of raw materials (age, origin, feeding);
 - variability of the production cycle (pH, Aw, presence oxygen, temperature);
 - variability of the conservation system (temperature-time, ATM, oxygen);

Extensive research carried out by the R&D of Chimab Meat Division have shown that specific plants and spices extracts have antioxidant properties which help resolving problems arising with exclusive use of common antioxidants.
Laboratory tests also show that the active principles of plant extracts have better performance than classic antioxidants: they act more effectively and in synergy with each other.

Observing these results, Chimab has developed NATUROXI®, balanced flavoring preparation, slightly vegetal flavoured, spices extracts and vegetal extracts based, rich in active principles with antioxidant power –  20 times better performing than ascorbic acid and 50 times better than Vitamin E – and with antioxidant, lipophilic and hydrophilic action.

NATUROXI® is ideal in:
 - processed meat products;
 - fermented and emulsified products;
 - hams and fresh sausages;
 - processed chicken and turkey
 - culinary and ready to eat products (fillings, lasagne, tortellini, cream based food preparations, hamburger, breaded products, sauces and many more)
Application tests have proven that NATUROXI® spices extracts and vegetal extracts cover off-flavours and have moreover antimicrobial properties helping shelf life extension.

NATUROXI® slows and prevents the oxidation and allows the possible complete replacement of traditional antioxidants.

NATUROXI® is an innovative and natural solution which helps also in:
 - clean label (no E numbers)
 - shelf life extension 
 - effective aid in slowing the developing of microbial.