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November 19, 2019

Christmas Closing & Production Dept. Transfer - News

Dear Customers,thanking you for your cooperation and for supporting us by anticipating the orders necessary to cover the months of December and January to October 30th, we remind you that due to the imminent move, it will no longer be possible to handle orders for semi-finished products of our company production. The orders of semi-finished products from today onwards will be taken over starting January 7th and delivered with the normal production lead time (within 15 working days). Regarding raw materials, please send us your orders by November 9th. We will be able to guarantee deliveries until December 18th.Our warehouse will be closed for inventory from December 16th to 31st inclusive, therefore in this period it will not be possible to ship. CHIMAB offices will remain closed from December 23rd to 31st. For special needs our sales office is available at 049 9201496 or at the e-mail address Details about the new location will follow in the coming days.