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June 09, 2019

EU Regulation n. 2019/799 - Food flavorings: from June 9, 2019 the use of the substance furan-2 (5H) -one in food products is prohibited

The European Commission has revoked the use of the flavoring substance furan-2 (5H) -one in food products since 9 June 2019, as it was recognized as genotoxic.

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 17 May 2019 n. 799, amended the EU legislation that regulates the production, marketing and use of flavorings and food ingredients with flavoring properties intended for use in and on foods, repealing the references of the flavoring substance having number 10.066 and relating to the substance furan -2 (5H) -one, since the European Food Safety Authority concluded the existence of the risk of genotoxicity of the said substance.

The substance in question from 9 June 2019, the date of entry into force of the Regulation in question, can no longer be used in food products.