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June 06, 2019

PERFORMER MSG REPLACER: food ingredient solutions for MSG replacement in all food preparations

PERFORMER MSG REPLACER is CHIMAB natural solution that can be used for the 1:1 monosodium glutamate (MSG) replacement, but with a clean label without E-number.


This innovative natural formulation is the answer to the needs of food industry: the request for healthier product with clean label needs to be combined with good taste and flavor. PERFORMER MSG REPLACER ensures a perfect aromatic boost, enhancing the taste in different food preparations.
The aromatic preparation tastes exactly like monosodium glutamate but it has no meaty notes: it is a perfect neutral booster for every application that requires umami flavor, also vegan or vegetable-based.

PERFORMER MSG REPLACER is a no yeast-extracts formula: it is based on molecules exclusively patented for CHIMAB and its clients. It is labeled as 100% natural flavour, with an excellent aromatic boost without off flavor.

Like others CHIMAB solutions it can be tailored following different client needs and it can be combined with other CHIMAB solutions for a perfect natural finished product, with high quality. Our technicians are at your disposal for finding and testing the right solution for every needs.