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May 30, 2019

CREMIGEL NATUR - Food ingredient solutions for healthy ice creams, with no additives

Recent consumer researches in food industry show a continuous tendency to healthy products without additives. Some trends are driven by government pressures (sugar tax), while others are driven by the continuous search for products with a short and clean label: a few simple ingredients and zero additives. (Mintel, 2019; Innova Market Insights, 2018-2019).

Producers who want to respond to consumer demands and add new "healthier" and "natural" references to their product range must reconcile production needs with customer demands, paying attention to the taste and structure of the finish product, that must stay stable and inviting. The product must be tasty and delicious, but in line with health trends.

The R&D labs of CHIMAB ICE CREAM developed CREMIGEL NATUR, an exclusive food ingredient solution designed for the production of clean label ice cream, without E numbers. The solution is based on native starches, fibers and vegetable proteins and working in synergy with other natural ingredients, allows to obtain a healthy, tasty and clean label finished product. The CHIMAB solution can be used both with animal milk and with vegetable milk, to meet also the segment of vegan or flexitarian consumers, who choose foods of plant origin for their diet.

CREMIGEL NATUR solution can be used in traditional production facilities, industrial plant or artisanal lab: with an easy production process it is possible to obtain a neutral ice cream, that can be tailored with different taste or inclusions.

The finished product maintains a stable texture, with high resistance to melting, good mouthfeel and spreadability.

CREMIGEL NATUR can be combined with DELIMIX SUGAR FREE , for an ice cream with good nutritional profile, low in sugar and wit low glycemic index.

CHIMAB food ingredient solutions can be tailored following different production or recipe needs, for unique and characteristic product.

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