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May 27, 2017

CHIMAB VEG food ingredient solutions range

Innova Market Insights’ has listed Plant Alternative / Plant-Based trend among the 2019 major trends, highlighting its impacting role in the whole food industry in the coming years.

Consumers want to add more plant-based options to their diets and companies are expanding their portfolio with “green” products. There are many reasons for going plant-based: for example, for achieving a health & sustainable balance between a meat and a plant-based diet.

According to the Eurispes Research 2019, also many Italians are vegetarian and vegan (7,3%) and many others choose vegan and vegetarian products as alternatives to classic meals. Moreover two out of 10 Italians (19.3%) buy gluten-free products; and 26% lactose free products.
As more consumers pay attention to Plant Based Healthy and sustainable options, replacement foods and alternative ingredients are on the rise.
Chimab, always attentive to new trends and consumer’s demands has developed new solutions for vegetable-based products answering the search of vegan and vegetarian alternatives which are also tasty, healthy and allergen free.
The VEGGIE RANGE includes functional texturizing solutions, completely allergen-free (no soy or gluten).
The formulas are made of vegetable flours, starches and fibers, ideal for creating tasty finished products, with good juiciness and bite, excellent texture, natural appearance and mouthfeel.
The product range includes versatile mixes, simple and quick to use, usable in traditional production plants.

  • Link -> VEGGIE BURG NUCLEO & VEGGIE BURG NUCLEO CLEAN: functional texturizing solution for producing allergen free vegan and vegetarian products, as burgers, vegan patties and nuggets with improved bite and chewiness.

  • Link -> VEGGIE FRANKFURTER: functional texturizing solution made of vegetable starches, flours and fibers for the production of emulsified vegetarian products, as sausages and frankfurters with good texture, firm bite and stable natural colour

  • Link -> VEGGIESTAB COLD CUT: texturizing solution based on vegetal proteins, lentil flour, vegetable fibers and starches, gluten free, allergen free, soy free for vegan cold cuts

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