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May 16, 2017

VEGGIESTAB COLD CUT - Vegetable based cold cuts solutions

Chimab always provides you with specialized ingredients and tailor- made solutions answering your specific needs.

VEGGIESTAB COLD CUT is a new vegan texturizing solution based on vegetal proteins, lentil flour, vegetable fibers and starches, gluten free, allergen free, soy free for vegan cold cuts. 

A Versatile, high performing functional solution that can be used in traditional existing facilitiess, for obtaining a final product with texture and appearance similar to the traditional ones. The finished product has good slicing performance, with elastic slice and low residual product on the blade. VEGGIESTAB COLD CUT create stable emulsion, with high water retention and no phase separation in cooking, pasteurization and shelf life.
VEGGIESTAB COLD CUT is a functional solution that can be tailored following different production needs: is it possible to customize the finished product with different natural colouring, flavours or appeal, by incorporating different products.

Our Experts are at your disposal for developing customized recipes and new products, and for supporting your application requirements.