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May 06, 2017

VEGGIE FRANKFURTER - Functional solutions for vegetable frankfurters

Chimab always provides you with specialized ingredients and tailor- made solutions answering your specific needs.


VEGAN FRANKFURTER is a functional texturizing solution made of vegetable starches, flours and fibers for the production of emulsified vegetarian products, as sausages and frankfurters with good texture, firm bite and stable natural colour.

It is a versatile, high performing formula that create stable emulsions, with high water retention and no phase separation in cooking, pasteurization and shelf life.

VEGGIE FRANKFURTER is a Cost in use recipes quick and easy to produce also in the existing facilities.

VEGGIE MUL is an allergen free formula, also customizable according to the client’s production needs, flavoring profiles, or local taste, it can also be personalized with vegetable inclusions, filled with cheese analogue, etc.

Our Experts are at your disposal for developing customized recipes and new products, and for supporting your application requirements.