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May 27, 2019

Starter Cultures - Safety, colour & flavour in meat products

Starter cultures are made of “good” bacteria and they are used for starting a fermentation process of raw materials and for ensuring a good technical outcome of meat-based products. Thanks to the starter cultures it is possible to increase food safety and guarantee a more stable production process, as well as maintain product stability during shelf life.

Consumers pay attention to their health and they choose carefully what to eat and what to buy. CHIMAB works with food industries for developing safe and healthy products, in line with consumers’ needs. Thanks to the wide range of CHIMAB starter cultures is possible to

  • Increase food safety
  • Standardize the production process
  • Increase the product stability during the product life cycle.

CHIMAB solutions are perfect for safe meat-based products, with excellent shelf life: microbial cultures ensure safety, reduce costs and improve colour and taste.

Starter cultures keep the microbiota under control, guaranteeing the development of the typical organoleptic characteristics of the product (colour, flavour). The staphylococci in the crops guarantee an excellent quality and colour maintenance, even in the fast maturation; they make the colour of the meat brighter, preventing oxidation and rancidity, enhancing the flavour. Lactic acids favour the seasoning and drying of the product, while the Pediococcus guarantee product safety, prolonging its shelf life, thanks to the production of bacteriocins against Listeria Monocytogens.

The metabolic activities of these microorganisms exploited in fermentation processes are:

  • Production of organic acids (lactic and acetic acid)
  • Production of hydrolytic enzymes (proteases and lipases)
  • Synthesis of anti-microbial substances, useful in the control of pathogenic bacteria that may be present in raw materials.

Thanks to the use of suitable starter cultures the fermentation process effectively increases food safety, ensuring the typical colour and aroma notes of traditional products and their typical sensory characteristics.

Depending on the different applications, CHIMAB developed the best starter culture mix.

CHIMAB R&D labs are at your disposal to identify the best starter culture suited to the different seasoning requirements, to guarantee safety and optimal development of the product organoleptic characteristics, adapting to different production needs.