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April 15, 2019

D. M. n. 30/2019 - Plastic materials in contact with food products: the use of resin N, N, N ', N'-tetrachis (2-hydroxypropyl) -adipammidemodificato as a coating on metals

The Ministry of Health with Decree 7 February 2019 n. 30, in changing the national provisions governing packaging, containers, utensils intended to come into contact with food substances or substances for personal use, has allowed the use, according to the expected conditions, of the resin N, N , N ', N'-tetrachis (2-hydroxypropyl) -ipipididemodified for the coating of metals.

Conditions of use

The use of the resin N, N, N ', N'-tetrachis (2-hydroxypropyl) -ipipididemodified for the production of polymeric dispersions of polyolefins functionalized with acrylic groups and / or anhydrides, used as coatings on metals, must not be higher at 6% compared to the dry weight of the dispersion.The resin in question can be used for coating metals intended for contact with all types of food, in conditions of sterilization and / or pasteurization contact followed by prolonged storage at room temperature or below.

Exclusion of the application of the provisions of the Decree

The Decree in question establishes the exclusion of the application of the provisions therein, to materials and objects legally manufactured and / or marketed in another European Union State or in Turkey, or legally manufactured in one of the signatory States of the Association Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), Contracting Party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), provided they guarantee an equivalent level of health protection.