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March 25, 2019

New CHIMAB functional solutions for GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE bakery products

According to Innova Market Insight, consumers will continue the search for alternative products also in 2019. The consumers are searching sustainable and healthy products, for a varied diet. In particular, from 2013 to 2017, there was a 16% growth of “free-from” products (gluten free, soy free, lactose free). (Source: Innova Market Insights).

CHIMAB R&D Labs answered to consumers’ needs by developing innovative ingredient solutions, in line with the new market trends.

For the BAKING sector, PANEMPROVER EVE is the new food ingredient solution designed for the production of recurring cakes. PANEMPROVER EVE is the real gluten & dairy free alternative to the great leavened desserts typical of the Italian tradition: it is perfect for panettone, italian sweet focaccia, italian Easter typical cake (colomba).

The ingredient solution, based on starches, rice flour and vegetable fibers, makes it possible to obtain a product with a soft and well-hydrated paste, soft when cut and with good texture. The dough can be added with drops of chocolate, candied fruit and raisins without disturbing the leavening.


The production process is simple and simple: just mix PANEMPROVER EVE with the ingredients, with a single leavening of about 150 minutes, to obtain a finished product with perfect softness, in full respect of the best tradition.


The product range for the production of large leavened products is completed with PERFORMER EVE, an aromatic solution especially developed to give flavor and aroma to your recurring dessert, in full compliance with the characteristics of a gluten & lactose free product.


All CHIMAB solutions can be customized according to specific production needs or special aromatic profiles. For further information and tailor-made gluten & dairy free solutions contact our experts:, +39 049 9201496