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(IT) I tecnici CHIMAB studiano le miscele ingredientistiche per ogni esigenza produttiva (ENG) CHIMAB R&D Team studies the best food ingredient solutions for every production needs

December 18, 2018

Sugar Free food ingredient solutions for ice cream and desserts - CHIMAB presents DELIMIX SUGAR FREE

R&D Labs of CHIMAB Ice Cream & Dairy Business Unit present a brand new food ingredient solution for the production of sugar free and “light” ice cream. 

DELIMIX SUGAR FREE is a fiber and sweetener based solution, for sugar replacement during ice cream preparation. Thanks to DELIMIX SUGAR FREE it is possible to replace ingredients as glucose, dextrose or sucrose and to obtain a high-quality product, nutritionally balanced, low in calories and with low glycemic index. 

In CHIMAB Labs our technologists study and design the best ingredient blends for every production needs; in our pilot plant we perform application test, that replicate the industrial and artisanal production processes in scale  for testing our ingredients and our ingredient solutions. 

Please, contact CHIMAB Customer Service for further information: ; +39 049 9201496