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(IT) La linea CARNIBRINE è adatta a diversi range di siringatura (EN) CARNIBRINE product range is perfect for different injection range

March 05, 2019

CARNIBRINE product range - Functional solutions for baked ham

CHIMAB R&D Labs developed a renewed range of food ingredient solutions for cooked ham.

CARNIBRINE product range includes solutions for low and high injection cooked ham, with different injection range:

  • CARNIBRINE GRANCOTTO PLUS 20,30: 20-35% injection
  • CARNIBRINE BB PLUS: 40-50% injection
  • CARNIBRINE B60: 50-65% injection
  • CARNIBRINE M75: 65-80% injection
  • CARNIBRINE SPEED 100: 90-100% injection

Every CARNIBRINE range products is characterised by balanced and specific formulations that bring many benefits to the finished product:

  • High yield during cooking time
  • Good sliceability
  • Homogeneous colour
  • Low syneresis in sliced product
  • Allergen-free
  • No off-taste

Moreover, CARNIBRINE product range is perfect for reducing tumbler processing time.