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November 26, 2018

EU Regulation n. 2018/1649 - Food flavorings: from 26/11/2018 the use of p-mint-1,4 (8) -dien-3-one, 2-aminoacetophenone and 4-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran-3( 2H)-one substances is banned in food products

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 5 November 2018 n. 1649, amended the Community legislation regulating the production, marketing and use of flavorings and food ingredients with flavoring properties intended for use in and on foods, repealing the references of flavoring substances having a number:

  • 07.127 relating to the substance p-mint-1,4 (8) -dien-3-one;
  • 11.008 relating to the substance 2-aminoacetophenone;
  • 13.175 relating to the substance 4-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran-3 (2H) -one;

as the responsibles for placing them on the market have withdrawn their application for authorization.

From 26 December 2018, date of entry into force of the Regulation in question, the substances cannot be used in foodstuffs.

Transitional provisions

The Regulation in question provides that:

  • foods to which one of the revoked flavoring substances has been added and which were placed on the market legally before 26 December 2018, may be marketed until the minimum storage term or until the expiry date;
  • Food imported into the Union to with one of the flavoring substances in question may be marketed until the minimum storage period or until the expiry date, if the importer can prove that they have been shipped from the origin country and were traveling to the Union before 26 December 2018;
  • the above exemptions do not apply to flavor mixtures.