the solutions made in Chimab

Internal R&D laboratories and modern production facilities offer know-how and technologies for customised ingredient solutions.

Chimab is a dynamic company seeking effective answers able to meet consumers' demands for good and safe products, and those of industry for competitive solutions.
Modern pilot plants to develop practical solutions for industrial and artisan needs. Internal R&D tests ingredients, mixes and applications and develops solutions also for specific requirements.

The strategy pursued is that of specialisation of the business sectors, in collaboration with company R&D, customers and the market, so that expertise and innovation create products to keep up with opportunities and real needs.

the production

tailor-made solutions for any need

Cutting-edge mixing and preparation plants create ingredient mixes for any requirement and application, offering great flexibility and products packaged in the most appropriate size, from 10 g packets to 1000 kg big bags.
The healthiness of each batch is guaranteed by careful planning that excludes any risk of cross-contamination.
Constant monitoring of critical points in the process, weighing, sifting of the ingredients, metal control and final quality control checks certify the full chemical and microbiological conformity of each unit of sale.

Technologies, flexibility and controls in every phase.