internal research & development

Internal R&D transfers expertise acquired at the local level to international experiences, and vice versa.

The pilot plants define the basic requirements of the products, design and test new solutions, and perform application tests with customers, that replicate the industrial production processes in scale.

We cooperate for common aims in order to turn scientific and technical expertise and experience into a range of products that meets the market demands and to create new opportunities in partnership with our customers.


  • improving the structure
  • longer shelf life
  • optimising yield
  • strengthening of the aromatic part and mouthfeel
  • naturalness
  • safety
  • clean labelling
  • reducing and/or replacing salts, sugars and fats
  • limiting costs
  • enrichment in omega 3, fibre, protein, calcium

PARTNERSHIP: meetings at the company for technical – application training

At the disposal of Chimab customers are the company’s facilities and resources, as well as the expertise of the technical-scientific personnel, with theory and practical training sessions that design and test the new solutions in analysis in the company’s laboratories.

external research & development

To broaden its know-how and guide internal R&D, Chimab has been collaborating with Italian universities for a long time.

These collaborations combine the scientific studies and researches with Chimab’s technical expertise and knowledge of the market, and aim to create innovation in the public interest, thus contributing to better develop food and health.