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October 20, 2017

Flavour and colour play an essential role in food perception and choice. Consumers and industries demand additive free products, with clean and short labels.
Chimab R&D has expanded the CARNITEX product range with new food ingredient solutions, based on vegetal extracts, perfect for stabilizing flavour and colour in heat-treated food products
New CARNITEX are specifically designed to give food products a natural colour, flavour and appearance. Based on vegetal extracts and without E numbers, they are in line with the “short and clean label” trend.
In addition, the CARNITEX product range is perfect for cooked meat and meat analogue products, thanks to its specific flavor and colour.


  • based on vegetal extracts
  • specific colour
  • thermostability
  • perfect colour
  • natural, no additives

CARNITEX is perfect for a wide range of applications. It meets the needs of the most demanding consumers, thanks to natural raw materials. It supports short, simple and clean label strategy. Perfect for vegetarian and vegan products.

The CARNITEX product range also includes CARNITEX BC, a functional solution based on vegetal extracts, perfect for stabilizing flavour and colour in fresh meat or meat analogue products.

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October 12, 2017

Chimab R&D presents new texturizing food ingredient solutions for vegetarian and vegan dairy analogues without allergens or preservatives.
Emulating the properties of dairy-based products, the Dairy Analogue range builds an ideal alternative: perfect for clean-labeled, vegan and tailor made texturizing solutions.
Since Dairy Analogues are neutral texturizing systems, individual flavours can be added to create tailor-made products.
Furthermore, the production process is easy and fast: just dissolve the complete mix and the ingredients in water and cook, stirring often, without exceeding 80 degrees. Mold and refrigerate for 10 hours at 4°C.
The Dairy Analogue solution also improves traditional dairy products: it optimizes processes and production time in dairy, as in spreadable and mozzarella like products.


  • New Vegetarian and Vegan formulas
  • Clean Label: Preservative & Allergen Free
  • No added Aroma, for allowing customized flavoring
  • Organoleptic properties similar to original dairy based products
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Also tailor made


  • VEGGIESTAB RICOTTA - Typical granulated texture of Italian ricotta cottage cheese
  • VEGGIESTAB SOFT SPREADABLE - Ideal for spreadable dairy analogues
  • VEGGIESTAB PROCESS CHEESE - Spreadable structure, heat resistant. It melts while cooking but it doesn’t stick
  • VEGGIESTAB CUBE SOFT - Solution for finished products with soft and elastic texture. While cooking it melts in a creamy texture like the mozzarella cheese. Ideal for vegan pizza
  • VEGGIESTAB YO - For products with texture similar to yogurt
  • VEGGIESTAB CHINO - Perfect for products with creamy and spreadable structure. It has a partially elastic texture similar to Italian Stracchino cheese
  • VEGGIESTAB ZOLÀ - solution for blue mold analogue. Combine Veggiestab Zolà with other Veggiestab solutions like Veggiestab Chino to reach the texture of a typical Italian gorgonzola

October 04, 2017

Chimab R&D expands the aromatic range with PERFORMER CHEF BASE, natural aromatic solutions for soups, sauces, ready meals and savoury preparations.
PERFORMER CHEF BASE product range is based on authentic kitchen made stocks, obtained from real meat, fish and vegetables, with no additives or preservatives. 
Perfect for creating the same authentic taste of raw materials and boosting flavours in soups, sauces, ready meals and savoury preparations, with the original recipes.
Highly Concentrated, the PERFORMER CHEF BASE mix straight into recipe in established quantities. Perfect in every formulation, they are labeled as natural flavours or natural extracts.


  • Clean label: natural flavours or natural extracts – no MSG or flavor enhancers
  • Distinctive aromatic notes
  • Easy to use


  • Chicken (braised, roast, boiled)
  • Beef (roast, boiled)
  • Veal
  • Lamb (roast, boiled)
  • Vegetables – perfect also for vegan and vegetarian products
  • Mushrooms – perfect also for vegan and vegetarian products
  • Fish and Seafood

October 03, 2017

In the logistics center of Padua, over 12,500 square meters will accommodate production, R&D laboratories, logistics and offices from March 2019.

Chimab Spa announces the project for the new company headquarters. The new production, research and distribution center will be completed by March 2019.
The new building of over 12,500 square meters, built on a lot of approximately 28,000 square meters, will be located in the “Interporto Padova Spa” area, a strategic point at the crossroads between Via Inghilterra and Via Nuova Zelanda. The project will also lead to increasing the number of staff: 50 workers are employed at the current site, but in the coming years staff growth is forecast to double in line with Chimab commercial development.
"The new headquarters is exactly what we need in the best location possible," says Ignazio Vullo, President of Brenntag Italy and Chimab. "We are a very dynamic and fast-growing company, operating in a global market: logistics is therefore one of the key components of our business and value creation chain. The new site is the ideal location to optimize freight flows and expand spaces dedicated to production and application laboratories.

October 03, 2017

Natural, clean label, traditional, healthy: these are the new buzzwords in today’s food and beverage industry.
Products and ingredients bearing these tags have created a new trend among consumers.
Many “synthetic” ingredients used in food and beverage industry have a natural alternative but, a “simple” solution to develop new products, is not always possible.

Chimab’s Baking & Confectionery business unit works with the baking and milling industries to support them in their daily challenge to innovate and improve new products.

We pay attention to the new trends in consumers’ lifestyle and their needs regarding quality, health and tradition, combining demands for good and natural products with the technological requirements of the industry.

We work together with our customers to develop new systems that we transform into tailor made blends and packaging solutions to simplify their daily life.

Enzymes, fibers, vitamins, starch, natural preservative agents, fatpowders; these are some of the ingredients used to produce our blends.
In our Bakery Lab., we transform our experience and technical knowledge into a range of mixes meeting the demands of food market:

  • MIXENZYME: Tailor-made enzyme mixes
  • PANEMPROVERS: Tailor made bread improvers based on baking enzymes
  • PANENZYME: Range of baking enzymes applications
  • PANEMIX: Tailor-made ingredient and additive mixes

We study solutions together with our customer to convert ideas into products.

September 30, 2017

CHIMAB will attend FI Europe, the world’s leading global food ingredients show, which will be held in MESSE FRANKFURT, from 28th to 30th November 2017.

Visit our booth 9B19, Hall 9 and discover our innovative food ingredient solutions.

Here below, you can find the registration link and you can obtain your free visitor pass:


September 29, 2017

Chimab R&D presents the new PERFORMER MSG REPLACER, aromatic solutions with the same MSG flavor and organoleptic profile.

Innovative natural formula with no meat notes: a neutral booster, ideal for aromatic bases with meat, vegetal, cheesy profile. It is perfect for every application that needs an UMAMI flavour.


  • High performance aromatic boost
  • No yeast-extracts formula: based on exclusive patented molecules for CHIMAB
  • MSG Replacer 1:1
  • Labeled as 100% natural flavour
  • Zero off-flavour


  • Create savoury authentic notes 
  • Gives tasty and savoury UMAMI notes
  • Every meat or culinary based product


September 21, 2017

Chimab R&D presents DELISTAB SNACK, functional and flavouring solution that gives texture and structure in snack and bars.
DELISTAB SNACK is a neutral structuring system, fiber based, for salty and sweet products with cereal, seeds, grains etc.  

Ideal for products with healthy claims, high fiber content, low fat and sugar, or enriched with vitamins or minerals

  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • allergen free
  • high fiber content
  • 100% natural, for natural or healthy claim products
  • short label
  • texture improvement and cost-benefit formula
  • shelf life extension
  • multi-purpose products
  • tailor made flavours and fillings

DELISTAB SNACK is a complete solution, perfect for improving texture and flavour of raw materials, without overlapping with products’ typical flavours.

September 14, 2017

CHIMAB will attend GULFOOD MANUFACTURING, DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTER, from 31th October to 2nd November 2017.

Visitat our booth S2-E15, Shk Saeed 2 and discover our food ingredient solutions and our tailor made products.

CHIMAB is looking forward to meeting you at GULFOOD MANUFACTURING!

For a free entry pass : see link below

September 12, 2017

CHIMAB R&D has developed CREMIGEL SUGAR FREE, an ideal system for simple and rapid production of light and sugar-free  ice cream, with all the taste and goodness of quality ice cream.

The use of CREMIGEL SUGAR FREE allows to obtain a neutral, white, creamy and spreadable ice cream
, which can be consumed with various flavoring pastes or variegation and topping.

No added sugar and low in fat and calories, CREMIGEL SUGAR FREE is a product for who is searching for the pleasure of a creamy homemade ice cream.

Unique Features:

     high and stable overrun
     good thermal stability
     increased shelf life
     possible use of stevia in the formulation