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July 21, 2017

From 11/8/2017 until 20/8/2017 included we will be closed for summer holidays: during this period it will not be possible to make shipments or deliveries carriage. Moreover, considered the interruption of transports service, we will be able to ensure deliveries only before 11/08/2017.
For their planning, please send us your orders by August 4th for raw materials, and by July 14th for our semi-processed products.

All orders received after 04/08/2017 will be delivered only at the re-opening of the shipping, therefore raw  materials will be shipped form our warehouse from 22/8/2017 on. Orders of Chimab semi-processed products received after 14/7/2017  will be shipped only after 28/8/2017.

For special enquiries, please contact our sales department: - +39 049 9201496.

Thank you.

July 21, 2017

Visit our booth 9B19, Hall 9 and discover our innovative food ingredient solutions.

Here below, you can find the registration link and you can obtain your free visitor pass:


July 18, 2017

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 13 July 2017 no. 1281, authorized the use of l-ergotionine in food supplements, in accordance with the rules governing new products and novel food ingredients.

Provisions provided for in EU Decision no. 2017/1281

EU authorizes the use of l-ergotionine in food supplements for the general population, excluding infants and young children in early childhood and pregnant and lactating women, with a maximum content of:

  • 30 mg / day for the general population (excluding pregnant and lactating women);
  • 20 mg / day for children older than 3 years in capsules or in tablets.

In order to be marketed in the European Union, the new ingredient  must comply with the technical specifications set out in the Annex of the new Decision.l


The authorized name to be included in the labeling of food supplements containing l-ergotionine is "l-ergotionein".

July 16, 2017
Chimab introduces an innovative functional system without animal ingredients for the production of sorbet without milk and dairy products, ideal for vegetarians, vegans or for those who want a milk and lactose freee and highly digestible product. Its formulation is based on starches and derivatives vegetable protein allows to obtain the taste and the typical of the classic sorbet creaminess, but without animal fat or cholesterol.

VEGGIE SORBET product range includes also a sugar free vegan sorbet formulation

Unique Features:
  • high and stable overrun
  • stable emulsion for different amounts of ice
  • good thermal stability and shelf-life

Solution free from:
  • no animal protein
  • without allergens
  • SUGAR FREE, with no added sugar

July 13, 2017

Chimab R&D presents NATUROXI®, aromatic preparation, slightly vegetal flavoured, very effective and rich in spices extracts and vegetable extracts counteracting oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

In meat sector, and more generally in the food industry, traditional antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, often do not provide a complete anti-oxidant action due to:
 - variability of raw materials (age, origin, feeding);
 - variability of the production cycle (pH, Aw, presence oxygen, temperature);
 - variability of the conservation system (temperature-time, ATM, oxygen);

Extensive research carried out by the R&D of Chimab Meat Division have shown that specific plants and spices extracts have antioxidant properties which help resolving problems arising with exclusive use of common antioxidants.
Laboratory tests also show that the active principles of plant extracts have better performance than classic antioxidants: they act more effectively and in synergy with each other.

Observing these results, Chimab has developed NATUROXI®, balanced flavoring preparation, slightly vegetal flavoured, spices extracts and vegetal extracts based, rich in active principles with antioxidant power –  20 times better performing than ascorbic acid and 50 times better than Vitamin E – and with antioxidant, lipophilic and hydrophilic action.

NATUROXI® is ideal in:
 - processed meat products;
 - fermented and emulsified products;
 - hams and fresh sausages;
 - processed chicken and turkey
 - culinary and ready to eat products (fillings, lasagne, tortellini, cream based food preparations, hamburger, breaded products, sauces and many more)
Application tests have proven that NATUROXI® spices extracts and vegetal extracts cover off-flavours and have moreover antimicrobial properties helping shelf life extension.

NATUROXI® slows and prevents the oxidation and allows the possible complete replacement of traditional antioxidants.

NATUROXI® is an innovative and natural solution which helps also in:
 - clean label (no E numbers)
 - shelf life extension 
 - effective aid in slowing the developing of microbial.

July 07, 2017

The European Commission has allowed the use of organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol) in dietary supplements and organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol) and calcium phosphoryl oligosaccharides in dietary supplements and foods.

The European Commission, with Regulations of 5 July 2017 no. 1203, amended the Community legislation governing food supplements and the provision for indications for the addition of vitamins and minerals and certain other substances in foods.

The Regulation will enter into force on 26 July 2017.

Provisions provided for in EU Regulation no. 2017/1203

The Rules in question allow the use of:
• organic silicon minerals (monomethylsilanetriol) and phosphoryl and calcium oligosaccharides in food supplements marketed as food;
• the phosphorous and calcium oligosaccharide mineral substance in foods.

July 04, 2017

PERFORMER product range, in liquid or died form, are ideal for creating aromatic profiles and boost, for exalting taste and giving certain profiles. Performers give the final touch, with no change in texture and product style.   They are perfect for every product application or technology:
They give full and characteristic   flavour
Custom made
Wide range of flavors
Consistent flavour release
Versatile and efficient
Consistent and quality organoleptic profile
Different flavoring notes: for developing unique products
Complex and structured flavor

Easy-to-use: they easily blend in recipe
Perfect for vegetarian and vegan products
They can match with the other CHIMAB food ingredient solutions


June 30, 2017

Chimab R&D extends functional solutions range for sauces and presents the new DELISTAB GLUTEN FREE BECHAMEL, an innovative ready to use mix.

A multi purpose formulation, easy to use, perfect for different production technologies (UHT), stable and cost-saving.

DELISTAB GLUTEN FREE BECHAMEL  allows to obtain stable cold and hot emulsions, also in pasteurization, with perfect texture and viscosity without butter or margarine. The finished product is creamy and compact; it is allergen free, light  and clean label.
The classic formula is perfect also if enriched with spiced flavoring, as CARNISPICE NUTMEG.


The mixes for bechamel complete range  include also:


June 28, 2017


  • The role of fat, sugar and replacers cannot be ignored
  • Sugar and/or fat reduction results in higher biscuits with a smaller diameter
  • Replacing sugar and/or fat with Frutafit® CLR has a positive effect on the biscuit dimensions
  • Additional replacers, especially FOS, have an additional positive effect
  • Frutafit® CLR recommended for both sugar and fat replacement in sheet-and-cut short dough biscuit
  • Replacement level with Frutafit ® CLR of 50%, other 50% filled up with ‘matrix’
  • Optionally Frutalose ® OFP can be used additionally

Most attractive claim: Less sugar, rich in fiber

Sugar in biscuit recipes is important for dough properties, flow behaviour in the oven and texture, appearance and taste of the final product.

Typical for a soft American cookie is the soft, chewy texture. Maintaining this texture over shelflife is a challenge. Frutalose® oligofructose works excellent as sugar replacer in this type of product. The water retaining capacity keeps the cookies moist and soft over shelf life.
For cake and muffin Frutalose® oligofructose is recommended for replacing sugar up to 50%. These cakes and muffins with only half of the sugar level of the reference are slightly less sweet, but have a very tender crumb and soft texture.

June 26, 2017

Chimab has obtained the renewal of HALAL certification for some ingredient mixes in MEAT, BAKERY, CULINARY and ICE-CREAM Business Units.
Halal products certification guarantees quality in all production, packaging steps.

For every certified HALAL product, CHIMAB guarantees:

  • Absence of non-compliant ingredients
  • Separated production lines
  • Traceability
  • Halal logo and labelling
  • Food security: quality system guaranteed by BRC, IFS
  • Continue staff training

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