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June 26, 2017

Chimab has obtained the renewal of HALAL certification for some ingredient mixes in MEAT, BAKERY, CULINARY and ICE-CREAM Business Units.
Halal products certification guarantees quality in all production, packaging steps.

For every certified HALAL product, CHIMAB guarantees:

  • Absence of non-compliant ingredients
  • Separated production lines
  • Traceability
  • Halal logo and labelling
  • Food security: quality system guaranteed by BRC, IFS
  • Continue staff training

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June 25, 2017

CARNISPICE is the range of aromatic preparations, designed to offer an alternative to traditional powder spices.
CARNISPICE is obtained from oleoresins and from natural essential oils, with a high-absorption micronized salt as support.
Versatile and easy-to-use, they are designed to substitute spices on a 1:1 ratio, with quality and cost-saving benefits. Formulations and production recipes are intact, with a lower microbial count compared to traditional spices


Smooth homogeneous powders, with no lumps or dark spots. They perfectly blend with other ingredients in recipes, with no visible traces in the finished product: they are perfect for sliceable meat products.

Standard natural extracts with consistent aromatic profiles, unlike traditional spices, which are subject to changes (harvest, geographic origin, storage systems etc.)

Finished product with consistent aromatic characteristics.

Made of natural ingredientrs. They are labelled as “natural flavors” or spice extracts”.

  • Carnispice Thyme
  • Carnispice Cumin
  • Carnispice Oregano
  • Carnispice Coriander
  • Carnispice Fennel
  • Carnispice Celery - “Allergen-Free”


  • Carnispice garlic 
  • Carnispice chili pepper
  • Carnispice white pepper
  • Carnispice black pepper
  • Carnispice mace
  • Carnispice nutmeg  
  • Carnispice cloves

June 22, 2017

Chimab is pleased to present DELIEXTENDER GREEN and BROWN, innovative functional solutions that give specific color, texture and yield to food preparations. 

DELIEXTENDER GREEN and DELIEXTENDER BROWN are vegetable-fiber based formulations: 100% natural, ideal for vegetarian and vegan products, with no additives, preservatives or E numbers.
They are multi-functional and perfect in numerous deli applications, even the heat-treated ones.  

DELIEXTENDER GREEN: for all food applications that need a “green note” - perfect for green coloring or nuances.
DELIEXTENDER BROWN: for all food applications that need a “brown note” - perfect for brown coloring or nuances.


  • 100% vegetable fibers: fiber enrichment
  • Binding and emulsifying properties
  • Resistance to heat, physical and preservation processes (cooking, freezing/thawing)
  • Water retention: binding activity for water and fats
  • Better texture and uniformity
  • Suited for both hot and cold preparations
  • Cost effective: structure optimization and better product composition with reduced costs
  • Gums, additives, thickeners and protein replacer
  • No flavor overlapping
  • Clean Label: No E number
  • Allergen-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No salt
  • Multi-Purpose: flexibility in terms of usage
  • It improves structure and flavor
  • It can be added dry during the productive process
  • PH resistant acid/basic
  • Reduced syneresis

June 21, 2017

From 11/8/2017 until 20/8/2017 included we will be closed for summer holidays: during this period it will not be possible to make shipments or deliveries carriage. Moreover, considered the interruption of transports service, we will be able to ensure deliveries only before 11/08/2017.
For their planning, please send us your orders by August 4th for raw materials, and by July 14th for our semi-processed products.

All orders received after 04/08/2017 will be delivered only at the re-opening of the shipping, therefore raw  materials will be shipped form our warehouse from 22/8/2017 on. Orders of Chimab semi-processed products received after 14/7/2017  will be shipped only after 28/8/2017.

For special enquiries, please contact our sales department: - +39 049 9201496.

Thank you.

June 15, 2017

DELI is an innovative technological product range: functional flavouring preparations developed for industrial gastronomy (pasta and filled pasta, delicatessen of meat, cheese, vegs, broth, gravies, sauces, snacks and many more).

Ideal for:

  • Structure improvement
  • flavour  boosting, for better taste and masking off - flavours, thanks to aromatic profile

DELIEXTENDER: neutral texturizing solutions, dietary fiber based, additive free. Thanks to its 100% natural formula Deliextender is perfect for healthy claim products (no added salts, low fat  content…ect). They improve texture, without covering the product aromatic profile.

DELIFROM: aromatic functional solutions improving structure and taste of cheese based products or products requiring its use.

DELIVEG: aromatic functional solutions for vegetable based products or products requiring its use.

DELISAUCE: Aromatic functional solutions improving structure and taste of sauces and gravies.

DELIMIX: Aromatic functional solutions, tailor made on specific applicative needs.

DELIMIX PASTA FRESCA GF: functional system for gluten-free fresh pasta; vegan, egg-free formula also available.

DELIMASK: functional and flavouring solutions developed for reducing any sour, bitter or sweet tastes.

DELISTAB: functional preparation based on hydrocolloids.

DELIEMUL: functional preparation based on emulsifiers.

DELISAFE: functional preparation reducing the microbial load and improving shelf-life in chilled products.

DELIPASE: enzymatic mix based on phospholipases. Processing aid hydrolyzing egg's yolk lecithin and improving its performances: better emulsifying property, better thermal stability, better texture and costs saving wherever yolk is part of the formulation.

DELIPANASTELLA: functional blend for batter and breading; excellent sticky properties; it prevents oil absorption in deep frying.

The DELI product range Plus:

  • 100% natural, perfect for natural products or healthy claim ones
  • Clean label (no E numbers) – additive and allergen free
  • Better structure of products, with advantages on cost formula
  • Shelf life extension, thanks to Aw lowering
  • Emulsifying properties
  • Process (thermal and physical treatments) and conservation resistant (freezing and thawing)
  • Multi-purpose: perfect in many applications
  • Tailor made flavouring profiles

DELI is perfect in many applications, different production technologies (big production plant or small artisanal) different applications and clients’ or product’s needs.

June 08, 2017

Chimab R&D extends functional solutions range for sauces and presents the new DELISTAB GLUTEN FREE BECHAMEL, an innovative ready to use mix.

A multi purpose formulation, easy to use, perfect for different production technologies (UHT), stable and cost-saving.

DELISTAB GLUTEN FREE BECHAMEL  allows to obtain stable cold and hot emulsions, also in pasteurization, with perfect texture and viscosity without butter or margarine. The finished product is creamy and compact; it is allergen free, light  and clean label.
The classic formula is perfect also if enriched with spiced flavoring, as CARNISPICE NUTMEG.


The mixes for bechamel complete range  include also:


June 05, 2017

Chimab at Agroprodmash 2017: October, 9 - 13 2017

Discover our ingredient mixes and tailor made solutions for food industry..

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May 31, 2017

Functional solutions for the reduction of sodium chloride in meat products: safety, flavour and unaltered organoleptic properties in finished products.

In meat  products, salt is essential for giving flavour, structure and safety. Reducing the salt is important for a low salt diet, but reducing it often means affecting the quality and the stability of the products.
CHIMAB has prepared CARNILIFE LS1 and CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE, system of functional solutions that reduce the salt by up to 40%, ensuring a safe and tasty low-salt finished product of superior quality, with unchanged organoleptic properties. A system comprising of two complete and high performance solutions, ideal in applications such as:

  • processed meat products in general;
  • emulsified products;
  • cooked ham and pork shoulders;
  • fresh sausages;
  • processed chicken and turkey products;       
  • gastronomy and ready meals.   

SOLUTION 1 – CARNILIFE LS1: reduction of sodium chloride salt by up to 40%
SOLUTION 2 – CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE: flavour, safety and unchanged organoleptic properties – despite the drastic reduction of salt.

SOLUTION 1 – CARNILIFE LS1: innovative mixture of concentrated vegetable extracts and potassium salts which, combined with a careful blend of flavours and spices, favours protein extraction, enhances the flavour and prolongs the shelf life of products, reducing the sodium content by up to 40%. Ideal in all meat  products, CARNILIFE LS1 is perfect for cooked ham, Mortadella, sausages and hamburgers.

SOLUTION 2 – CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE: functional aromatic solution that contributes to reducing the microbial load, maintaining an optimum level of safety despite the drastic reduction of sodium in the recipe. CARNIFLAVOUR SAFE enhances the flavour and aromatic profile, bringing out the characteristic "meat taste", typical of the finished product. Used in synergy with CARNILIFE LS1, it allows a reduction of sodium, ensuring an aromatic "boost", control of the microbial load, increased shelf life, and the declaration of natural flavouring on the label.

May 26, 2017

The European Commission has authorized the use as a new food additive, butane (E 943a), isobutane (E 943b) and propane (E 944) as propellants in colour preparations.

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 22 May 2017 no. (E 943a), isobutane (E 943b) and propane (E 944) as propellants for the use of food additives by regulating the production, marketing and use of food additives Preparation of dyes.

Provisions provided in EU Regulation n. 2017/874

The new Regulation authorizes the use of butane (E 943a), isobutane (E 943b) and propane (E 944) as propellants for the preparation of dyes, which must not, however, result in the final food in quantities greater than 1 mg / kg.

May 22, 2017

Functional blends for the production of fresh pasta

  • Traditional: with eggs
  • Vegan, without eggs
  • Gluten and Allergen free

Functional blends perfect to improve color, texture and cooking stability typical of traditional egg pasta. Excellent stability over time, during the period of storage in refrigerator and negative temperatures. Excellent elasticity during processing: ideal in applications with high manipulation, such as tortellini.