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August 19, 2017

Listeria monocytogenes is a frequent problem in meat products, mince, sausages, smoked fish, cheese, etc.
Listeria is:

  • an environmental Gram+ bacterium 
  • a pathogen highly resistant to many physical and chemical parameters,
  • a bacterium developing both at low and at high temperatures, high and low pH, resistant to freezing and drying.

Preventive measures to combat it are: improved hygiene in production departments and prevention with specific bacteria not altering the product sensory properties.
Bacterial cultures are essential to counteract Listeria in a scenario of:

  • shortly processed food, prepared meals and frozen dishes
  • chemical additives - often altering product’s taste
  • consumers attention to chemical additives

Bioprotective cultures are good bacteria contrasting the indigenous flora, thus inhibiting it.
Lactic acid bacteria are applied to the product to control the indigenous flora and

  • improve product quality, by slowing the growth of bacteria generating the deterioration
  • improve product safety, reducing pathogenic bacteria

Bioprotective cultures for non-fermented products are used to inhibit “bad” bacteria and Listeria, contributing to flavour and color formation.
Raw materials are often a mean for Listeria: you can have it in high concentrations; in fermented, minces and whole piece products production, specific tools should be used.
Despite pH lowering, production of lactic acid and weight loss, bacteria often survive, and thus wasting the finished product. Listeria monocytogenes is mostly frequent in products with weak acidification and relatively high Aw.

In order to reduce Listeria in meat products, Chimab has developed three specific solutions for different applications:

  • CARNIFLORA F-B19: complete starter culture for salami.
  • CARNIFLORA B-LX 23: starter culture for fresh minced products
  • CARNIFLORA B-SC 143 starter culture for raw products in whole pieces


Designed to reduce Listeria and to ensure salami safety, Carniflora F-B19 is a specific and complete starter culture of Lactobacillus curvatus, Pediococcus acidilactici, Staphylococcus xylosus, Staphylococcus carnosus, requiring no other starter culture.
Their mutual action produce bacteriocins with strong anti-Listeria action during the fermentation process, thus significantly reducing its concentration.
Due to its versatility, CARNIFLORA F-B 19 can be widely used in fermented products and different applications, consequently meeting all safety needs.
Moreover, thanks to its specific bacterial combination, CARNIFLORA F-B19 guarantees both acidification and bioprotection, avoiding additional use of other starter cultures – and allowing cost reduction.

In other applications, Listeria is reduced through products designed for specific formulation:

  • CARNIFLORA B-LX 23: developed for minced products: as hamburgers, sausages, etc
  • CARNIFLORA B-SC 143: developed for raw and whole muscle products: as pork, bacon, bresaola, speck, etc

CARNIFLORA B-LX 23: starter cultures of selected bacteria:
• Lactobacillus sakei – omofermentative, growing also at + 2°C , inhibits microorganisms at low temperatures, destroying the indigenous flora.
• Staphylococcus xylosus - reduces nitrite and nitrate, has lipolytic and proteolytic activity, improves taste and flavor in finished products.

CARNIFLORA B-SC 143: starter cultures consisting of:
• Lactobacillus sakei – omofermentative, works at low temperatures killing the indigenous flora.
• Staphylococcus carnosus - reduces nitrite and nitrate with lipolytic and proteolytic activity, improving finished products taste and flavor.

August 09, 2017

Chimab R&D presents the new PERFORMER MSG REPLACER, aromatic solutions with the same MSG flavor and organoleptic profile.

Innovative natural formula with no meat notes: a neutral booster, ideal for aromatic bases with meat, vegetal, cheesy profile. It is perfect for every application that needs an UMAMI flavour.


  • High performance aromatic boost
  • No yeast-extracts formula: based on exclusive patented molecules for CHIMAB
  • MSG Replacer 1:1
  • Labeled as 100% natural flavour
  • Zero off-flavour


  • Create savoury authentic notes 
  • Gives tasty and savoury UMAMI notes
  • Every meat or culinary based product


August 07, 2017

Visit our booth 9B19, Hall 9 and discover our innovative food ingredient solutions.

Here below, you can find the registration link and you can obtain your free visitor pass:


August 03, 2017


  • Gluten Free market growth
  • Gluten Free Bread application
  • Gluten Free Muffin application

To keep pace with new trends Chimab has developed several Gluten Free solutions with Sensus inulin and oligofructose: applications for bread, muffins and baked goods overall.

Results on gluten-free bread

  • Loaf volume increase
  • Crust and crumb colour improvement
  • Sensory acceptance increase


Frutafit® benefit for gluten free muffin
Gluten free recipe with Frutafit® CLR:
Taste evaluation: More Soft, Moist, Tender, than reference, attractive colour. Perception of sweetness,  moistness , stickiness

Fiber enriched white bread with Frutafit® inulin
Bread with the appearance and eating properties of a white bread but due to the addition of Frutafit® inulin the dietary fiber content is increased
plus: Source of fiber

Other benefits.

  • Reduced baking time: Addition of inulin accelerates the baking process and crust formation; therefore the baking time can be reduced for the fiber enriched bread compared to the reference bread.
  • Premium product quality: Addition of fiber with inulin results in an excellent bread quality, in terms of appearance, taste and texture because of the neutral taste and the fact that inulin is a soluble fiber.
  • Dough viscosity: addition of Frutafit® influences dough viscosity, as a result of the water binding capacity of inulin

August 02, 2017

The European Commission has authorized the use of potassium polyaspartate (E 456) in wine as a new food additive other than dyes and sweeteners.

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 28 July 2017 no. 1399, amended the Community legislation governing:
• production, marketing and use of food additives;
• the purity requirements of additives;

Allowing the use of the new potassium polyaspartate (E 456) additive in wine.

Provisions provided for in EU Regulation n. 2017/1739
The new Regulation:
• authorizes the use of a new additive other than potassium polyaspartate dye and sweetener (E 456), in wine in quantities not exceeding 300 mg / l and at typical levels of between 100-200 mg / l;
• Provides the purity requirements of the new additive.

July 29, 2017

Chimab presents new organic yeast extracts line, developed in accordance with strictest specifications and European regulations, that meets the highest standards for organic processed foods.

Springer Organic is the line of organic yeast extracts used as base-notes. They are perfect for providing bouillon and meaty notes to flavour bases. With a savoury profile, they develop a typical flavour that ±improves body and mouthfeel in a wide variety of food applications.

Springaline Organic is the line of inactive dried yeasts. They are perfect carrier for seasonings, and are ideal in both meat and vegetarian applications due to their water binding properties.

  • The yeast products of our Organic range are:
  • European Organic Certification by Ecocert (FR-BIO-01)
  • Produced in Europe
  • Suited for variety of organic applications: soups, sauces, seasonings, meat substitutes, processed meats…
  • Clean-tasting: no off-notes
  • Available in fine powder, microgranulated, paste or flakes (depending on product)
  • Kosher Parve and Halal certified
  • GMO free and animal free

Salt content: varies from 0 to 40 percent
Label declarations: organic yeast extract / organic yeast or organic dried yeast (according to EU regulation 1334/2008/EC*)


July 28, 2017

The European Commission, with EU Decision of 24 July 2017 no. 1387, authorized the use of the enzymatic preparation of prolylglyptopeptidase produced by a genetically modified strain of Aspergillus niger in food supplements intended for the adult population in general under the rules governing new products and novel food ingredients.

Provisions provided for in EU Decision no. 2017/1387

The EU Decision in question authorizes the use of the enzymatic preparation of proliloligopeptidase produced by a genetically modified strain of Aspergillus niger in food supplements for the adult population in general, with a maximum dose not exceeding 120 PPU / day (2 , 7 g of enzyme preparation per day) (2 × 106 PPI / day).

Finally, the ingredient in question to be marketed in the territory of the European Union must comply with the technical specifications set out in the Annex to that Decision.

Indication to be reported on the label of food supplements

The authorized name to be included in the labeling of food supplements containing the enzymatic preparation of proliloligopeptidase produced with a genetically modified strain of Aspergillus niger is "proliloligopeptidase".

July 18, 2017

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 13 July 2017 no. 1281, authorized the use of l-ergotionine in food supplements, in accordance with the rules governing new products and novel food ingredients.

Provisions provided for in EU Decision no. 2017/1281

EU authorizes the use of l-ergotionine in food supplements for the general population, excluding infants and young children in early childhood and pregnant and lactating women, with a maximum content of:

  • 30 mg / day for the general population (excluding pregnant and lactating women);
  • 20 mg / day for children older than 3 years in capsules or in tablets.

In order to be marketed in the European Union, the new ingredient  must comply with the technical specifications set out in the Annex of the new Decision.l


The authorized name to be included in the labeling of food supplements containing l-ergotionine is "l-ergotionein".

July 16, 2017
Chimab introduces an innovative functional system without animal ingredients for the production of sorbet without milk and dairy products, ideal for vegetarians, vegans or for those who want a milk and lactose freee and highly digestible product. Its formulation is based on starches and derivatives vegetable protein allows to obtain the taste and the typical of the classic sorbet creaminess, but without animal fat or cholesterol.

VEGGIE SORBET product range includes also a sugar free vegan sorbet formulation

Unique Features:
  • high and stable overrun
  • stable emulsion for different amounts of ice
  • good thermal stability and shelf-life

Solution free from:
  • no animal protein
  • without allergens
  • SUGAR FREE, with no added sugar

July 13, 2017

Chimab R&D presents NATUROXI®, aromatic preparation, slightly vegetal flavoured, very effective and rich in spices extracts and vegetable extracts counteracting oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

In meat sector, and more generally in the food industry, traditional antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, often do not provide a complete anti-oxidant action due to:
 - variability of raw materials (age, origin, feeding);
 - variability of the production cycle (pH, Aw, presence oxygen, temperature);
 - variability of the conservation system (temperature-time, ATM, oxygen);

Extensive research carried out by the R&D of Chimab Meat Division have shown that specific plants and spices extracts have antioxidant properties which help resolving problems arising with exclusive use of common antioxidants.
Laboratory tests also show that the active principles of plant extracts have better performance than classic antioxidants: they act more effectively and in synergy with each other.

Observing these results, Chimab has developed NATUROXI®, balanced flavoring preparation, slightly vegetal flavoured, spices extracts and vegetal extracts based, rich in active principles with antioxidant power –  20 times better performing than ascorbic acid and 50 times better than Vitamin E – and with antioxidant, lipophilic and hydrophilic action.

NATUROXI® is ideal in:
 - processed meat products;
 - fermented and emulsified products;
 - hams and fresh sausages;
 - processed chicken and turkey
 - culinary and ready to eat products (fillings, lasagne, tortellini, cream based food preparations, hamburger, breaded products, sauces and many more)
Application tests have proven that NATUROXI® spices extracts and vegetal extracts cover off-flavours and have moreover antimicrobial properties helping shelf life extension.

NATUROXI® slows and prevents the oxidation and allows the possible complete replacement of traditional antioxidants.

NATUROXI® is an innovative and natural solution which helps also in:
 - clean label (no E numbers)
 - shelf life extension 
 - effective aid in slowing the developing of microbial.