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October 14, 2019

Dear Customers,

we are pleased to announce that it is now time to plan our operational transfer to our new headquarters in the Industrial Area of Padua.

We remind you that the Production Department will be closed for transfer from 16th December 2019 to 7th January 2020 inclusive.

For the correct planning of production, please send us your semi-finished orders of our products. production by 31st October 2019.Our warehouse will be closed for inventory from December 16th to 27th inclusive, therefore in this period it will not be possible to ship. Furthermore, considering the interruption of the service by the transporters, we are able to guarantee deliveries until December 18th.

CHIMAB offices will close from 23rd to 27th December 2019. For special needs our sales office is available at +390499201496 ; e-mail address

October 10, 2019

On 10 October 2019 from 10.00 to 17.00, in Legnaro, at the Campus of Agripolis of the University of Padua, Chimab meets the students of Food Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture and Forestry. The initiative, organized and promoted by the Career Service of the University of Padua, represents an important appointment and a dynamic confrontation between Chimab and the University's young people.

August 02, 2019

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 29 July 2019 n. 1272, has changed the national legislation that establishes the list of the Union of new foods, the relative provisions:

  • to the indication to be reported on the label of food supplements containing the new food Echinacea purpurea extract from cell cultures;
  • to the technical specifications relating to the presence of heavy metals in the food product Beta-glucans of yeast.

The Regulation enters into force on 19 August 2019.

Provisions established by EU Regulation no. 2019/1272

The Regulation in question replaces:

  • the indication to be reported on the label of food supplements containing the new food Echinacea purpurea extract from cell cultures, from “dry Echinacea purpurea extract from HTN®Vb cell cultures” to “dry Echinacea purpurea extract from EchiPure cell cultures -PC ™ ";
  • replacement of the unit of measurement from "mg / g" to "mg / kg" of the maximum concentration of heavy metals lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium expected for the new food beta-glucans of yeast. We recall that new food beta-glucans of yeast can be used:
  • in food supplements, except those intended for infants and young children, in concentrations not exceeding:
    *) 1,275 g / day for children over 12 and the general population;
    *) 0.675 g / day for children under 12;
  • in the daily dietary substitutes for weight control, in a concentration not exceeding 1,275 g / day;
  • in foods for special medical purposes, excluding those intended for infants and young children, in concentrations not exceeding 1,275 g / day;
  • in fruit and / or vegetable-based drinks, including concentrated and dehydrated juices, in concentrations not exceeding 1.3 g / kg;
  • in fruit-flavored drinks, in a concentration not exceeding 0.8 g / kg;
  • in cocoa powder for the preparation of beverages, in a concentration not exceeding 38.3 g / kg (in powder);
  • in other beverages, in concentrations not exceeding 0.8 g / kg (ready to drink) and 7 g / kg (powder);
  • in cereal bars, in a concentration not exceeding 6 g / kg;
  • in breakfast cereals, in a concentration not exceeding 15.3 g / kg;
  • in whole-grain hot breakfast cereals with a high fiber content, in a concentration not exceeding 1.5 g / kg;
  • in biscuits like biscuits, in a concentration not exceeding 6.7 g / kg;
  • in cracker type biscuits, in a concentration not exceeding 6.7 g / kg;
  • in milk-based beverages in concentration, not exceeding 3.8 g / kg;
  • in products based on fermented milk, in a concentration not exceeding 3.8 g / kg;
  • in substitutes for dairy products, in concentrations not exceeding 3.8 g / kg;
  • in milk powder / milk powder, in a concentration not exceeding 25.5 g / kg;
  • for soups, soups and soup preparations, in concentrations not exceeding 0.9 g / kg for ready-to-eat, 1.8 g / kg for condensates and 6.3 g / kg for those in powder;
  • for chocolate and sweets, in a concentration not exceeding 4 g / kg;
  • for protein bars and powders, in a concentration not exceeding 19.1 g / kg;
  • for jams, jams and other fruit-based spreads, in concentrations not exceeding 11.3 g / kg

June 20, 2019

“Eating healthier” is one of the main trends that will drive food industry also in 2019. Worldwide, food companies are working to develop new products that will answer to new consumers’ request. Moreover, new food ingredients and blends can help improving old and traditional products, giving them a new clean image.

In meat sector, one of the main topic is sodium reduction: the excess intake of sodium is considered a human health threat because it is linked to hypertension, increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Organizations such as the Food Safety Authority (FSA) and National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI) have defined sodium targets to decrease the intake of sodium salts. In 2019, manufacturers are expected to respond to these themes and seek to reduce overall levels of salt (and sugar, fat and total calories) in a clean and transparent way.

CHIMAB R&D Lab studied and developed food ingredient solutions that help manufacturers answer to these new trends. Moreover, they tested many specialty clean label ingredients that can reduce sodium, compensate water activity and keep microbiological stability. 

CARNILIFE LS1 is a functional solution for the reduction of sodium chloride in meat products to ensure safety, flavour and unaltered organoleptic properties in the finished product.

Perfect in high quality finished product, such as

  • Meat products
  • Emulsified products
  • Cooked ham and pork shoulders
  • Fresh sausages
  • Processed chicken and turkey products
  • Gastronomy and ready meals

CARNLIFE LS1 is an innovative mixture that enhances the flavours and prolongs the shelf life of products, reducing the sodium content by up the 40%. Ideal in all meat products, CARNILIFE LS1 is perfect for cooked ham, Mortadella, sausages and hamburgers. (Fig. 1)

CHIMAB product range includes many ingredients and functional solutions designed for salt reduction in many applications. CHIMAB has a highly specialized technical and commercial approach: our technologists can help you by studying product and process needs of customers, always offering the most suitable products and by guaranteeing assistance and a highly specialized approach.


June 17, 2019

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 17 May 2019 n. 800 (OJ EC L series of 20/05/19 n. 132), has modified the community legislation that regulates the production, marketing and use of food additives (as per EC Regulation No. 1333/2008) allowing the use of carminic acid, carmine (E 120) also in traditional specialties of salted pork and beef offal: groin de porc à la créole, queue de porc à la créole, pied de porc à la créole and paleron de boeuf à la créole, in amounts not exceeding 50 mg / kg.

June 14, 2019

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 17 May 2019 n. 801 (OJ EC L series of 20/05/19 n. 132), has modified the community legislation that regulates the production, marketing and use of food additives (as per EC Regulation No. 1333/2008) allowing the use of the mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E 471) in fresh whole fruit and vegetables, in quantities quantum satis.​

June 09, 2019

The European Commission has revoked the use of the flavoring substance furan-2 (5H) -one in food products since 9 June 2019, as it was recognized as genotoxic.

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 17 May 2019 n. 799, amended the EU legislation that regulates the production, marketing and use of flavorings and food ingredients with flavoring properties intended for use in and on foods, repealing the references of the flavoring substance having number 10.066 and relating to the substance furan -2 (5H) -one, since the European Food Safety Authority concluded the existence of the risk of genotoxicity of the said substance.

The substance in question from 9 June 2019, the date of entry into force of the Regulation in question, can no longer be used in food products.

June 06, 2019

PERFORMER MSG REPLACER is CHIMAB natural solution that can be used for the 1:1 monosodium glutamate (MSG) replacement, but with a clean label without E-number.


This innovative natural formulation is the answer to the needs of food industry: the request for healthier product with clean label needs to be combined with good taste and flavor. PERFORMER MSG REPLACER ensures a perfect aromatic boost, enhancing the taste in different food preparations.
The aromatic preparation tastes exactly like monosodium glutamate but it has no meaty notes: it is a perfect neutral booster for every application that requires umami flavor, also vegan or vegetable-based.

PERFORMER MSG REPLACER is a no yeast-extracts formula: it is based on molecules exclusively patented for CHIMAB and its clients. It is labeled as 100% natural flavour, with an excellent aromatic boost without off flavor.

Like others CHIMAB solutions it can be tailored following different client needs and it can be combined with other CHIMAB solutions for a perfect natural finished product, with high quality. Our technicians are at your disposal for finding and testing the right solution for every needs.


May 30, 2019

Recent consumer researches in food industry show a continuous tendency to healthy products without additives. Some trends are driven by government pressures (sugar tax), while others are driven by the continuous search for products with a short and clean label: a few simple ingredients and zero additives. (Mintel, 2019; Innova Market Insights, 2018-2019).

Producers who want to respond to consumer demands and add new "healthier" and "natural" references to their product range must reconcile production needs with customer demands, paying attention to the taste and structure of the finish product, that must stay stable and inviting. The product must be tasty and delicious, but in line with health trends.

The R&D labs of CHIMAB ICE CREAM developed CREMIGEL NATUR, an exclusive food ingredient solution designed for the production of clean label ice cream, without E numbers. The solution is based on native starches, fibers and vegetable proteins and working in synergy with other natural ingredients, allows to obtain a healthy, tasty and clean label finished product. The CHIMAB solution can be used both with animal milk and with vegetable milk, to meet also the segment of vegan or flexitarian consumers, who choose foods of plant origin for their diet.

CREMIGEL NATUR solution can be used in traditional production facilities, industrial plant or artisanal lab: with an easy production process it is possible to obtain a neutral ice cream, that can be tailored with different taste or inclusions.

The finished product maintains a stable texture, with high resistance to melting, good mouthfeel and spreadability.

CREMIGEL NATUR can be combined with DELIMIX SUGAR FREE , for an ice cream with good nutritional profile, low in sugar and wit low glycemic index.

CHIMAB food ingredient solutions can be tailored following different production or recipe needs, for unique and characteristic product.

Contact us and discover what we can do for you:; +39 049 9201496

May 27, 2019

Starter cultures are made of “good” bacteria and they are used for starting a fermentation process of raw materials and for ensuring a good technical outcome of meat-based products. Thanks to the starter cultures it is possible to increase food safety and guarantee a more stable production process, as well as maintain product stability during shelf life.

Consumers pay attention to their health and they choose carefully what to eat and what to buy. CHIMAB works with food industries for developing safe and healthy products, in line with consumers’ needs. Thanks to the wide range of CHIMAB starter cultures is possible to

  • Increase food safety
  • Standardize the production process
  • Increase the product stability during the product life cycle.

CHIMAB solutions are perfect for safe meat-based products, with excellent shelf life: microbial cultures ensure safety, reduce costs and improve colour and taste.

Starter cultures keep the microbiota under control, guaranteeing the development of the typical organoleptic characteristics of the product (colour, flavour). The staphylococci in the crops guarantee an excellent quality and colour maintenance, even in the fast maturation; they make the colour of the meat brighter, preventing oxidation and rancidity, enhancing the flavour. Lactic acids favour the seasoning and drying of the product, while the Pediococcus guarantee product safety, prolonging its shelf life, thanks to the production of bacteriocins against Listeria Monocytogens.

The metabolic activities of these microorganisms exploited in fermentation processes are:

  • Production of organic acids (lactic and acetic acid)
  • Production of hydrolytic enzymes (proteases and lipases)
  • Synthesis of anti-microbial substances, useful in the control of pathogenic bacteria that may be present in raw materials.

Thanks to the use of suitable starter cultures the fermentation process effectively increases food safety, ensuring the typical colour and aroma notes of traditional products and their typical sensory characteristics.

Depending on the different applications, CHIMAB developed the best starter culture mix.

CHIMAB R&D labs are at your disposal to identify the best starter culture suited to the different seasoning requirements, to guarantee safety and optimal development of the product organoleptic characteristics, adapting to different production needs.