The sector is dedicated to all manufacturers of fresh and processed meat products with a wide range of starter cultures, fibers, antioxidants, proteins, functional blends and flavoring preparations for cooked hams, fresh sausages, cured and emulsified products and gastronomy industry. In our R&D laboratory we develop innovative food ingredient blends for all market requirements; we also design tailor-made solutions in partnership with the client to improve naturalness, taste, safety and shelf life of finished products.



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DELISTAB MAYO VEGAN CLEAN - Fuctional solutions for vegan & clean label mayonnaise

Chimab R&D broadens the range of vegan solutions with a functional blend for sauces and dressing, like mayonnaise.

DELISTAB MAYO VEGAN CLEAN is a texturizing system made of native starches and vegetable proteins. The finished product has no allergens, preservatives or E-numbers and it may be pasteurized. Furthermore, it has a stable and creamy texture, with texturizing and flavouring properties as the classic mayonnaise, without off-flavours.

DELISTAB MAYO VEGAN CLEAN can be used in different production facilities and it is simple and easy to use: just dissolve the mix in oil, add the others ingredients and cool at 4°C for 10 hours. This innovative functional solution is perfect for standardizing the production process and it can be tailored to specific needs.


  • Vegan
  • Allergen Free (no soy nor gluten)
  • Short and clean label
  • E Number free
  • Tailor made flavours available
  • Easy to use (in any facility)
  • Low fat
  • Excellent mouthfeel


CARNIBRINE product range - Functional solutions for baked ham

CHIMAB R&D Labs developed a renewed range of food ingredient solutions for cooked ham.

CARNIBRINE product range includes solutions for low and high injection cooked ham, with different injection range:

  • CARNIBRINE GRANCOTTO PLUS 20,30: 20-35% injection
  • CARNIBRINE BB PLUS: 40-50% injection
  • CARNIBRINE B60: 50-65% injection
  • CARNIBRINE M75: 65-80% injection
  • CARNIBRINE SPEED 100: 90-100% injection

Every CARNIBRINE range products is characterised by balanced and specific formulations that bring many benefits to the finished product:

  • High yield during cooking time
  • Good sliceability
  • Homogeneous colour
  • Low syneresis in sliced product
  • Allergen-free
  • No off-taste

Moreover, CARNIBRINE product range is perfect for reducing tumbler processing time.