Ice cream & desserts

The sector is dedicated to ice cream industry, semi-finished products for artisanal ice cream and frozen desserts producers to support them in innovating and improving the finished products in terms of structure, taste and wellness. Attention to the lifestyle trends and the needs of consumers wanting good and healthy products, and those of the industry, looking for high tech applications. Proposals and innovative solutions for every need: structure, resistance to melting, air distribution and stable overrun, better formulation of recipe, mouthfeel, aroma release, appearance, longer shelf-life, productivity enhancement and cost limiting, reduction of sugars and fats, replacement and/or elimination of hydrogenated fats, palm free solutions, clean label (no E numbers) and many more. Technical assistance and partnership guaranteed by our R&D team.



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CHIMAB R&D has developed an innovative functional system for ice cream, made from starch and vegetable protein, ideal for vegetarians and vegans. The ice cream obtained is milk and lactose free, highly digestible, with the taste and the typical creaminess of the classic ice cream, with no cholesterol or animal fats.

VEGGIE CREAM is a ingredientistic system with unique funcionalities:

  •      high and stable overrun
  •      stable emulsion
  •      good thermal stability and shelf life
  •      excellent creaminess and spreadability
  •      no aftertaste

Free-from solutions:

  •      vegetable protein
  •      without allergens
  •      vegan
  •      SUGAR FREE, with no added sugar

VEGGIE CREAM formulation is suitable for artisanal and industrial process.


Sugar OUT – Fiber IN. Sweet Fiber Powder!

Chimab launches Sensus Frutalose SFP: innovative and multipurpose product, ideal in “low sugar – high fiber” & “clean label” applications.
From chicory root fiber the solution for reducing sugar and improving fiber content.


  • 50% sweetness of sucrose
  • Easy sugar replacement
  • 2 kcal/gram
  • 85% dietary fiber
  • High solubility
  • Clean label
  • Low Glycemic response
  • Masking HIS, if used

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