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The sector is dedicated to ice cream industry, semi-finished products for artisanal ice cream and frozen desserts producers to support them in innovating and improving the finished products in terms of structure, taste and wellness. Attention to the lifestyle trends and the needs of consumers wanting good and healthy products, and those of the industry, looking for high tech applications. Proposals and innovative solutions for every need: structure, resistance to melting, air distribution and stable overrun, better formulation of recipe, mouthfeel, aroma release, appearance, longer shelf-life, productivity enhancement and cost limiting, reduction of sugars and fats, replacement and/or elimination of hydrogenated fats, palm free solutions, clean label (no E numbers) and many more. Technical assistance and partnership guaranteed by our R&D team.



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Chimab palm oil free solutions – Lamequick CN 7940 Palm Free

Palm oil is a versatile ingredient, widely used in the food industry.
On the one hand consumers are increasingly demanding environment friendly and sustainable solutions, and on the other they are attentive to healthy solutions, saturated fat and trans fat free, with ingredients from ethically aware crops, sourcing raw materials with RSPO certification and sustainable sourcing.
Food manufacturers need solutions that help fullfill their commitments, also from the point of view of ethical food solutions, which includes mainly sustainable palm oil & palm alternatives.

BASF Lamequick CN 7940 is the coconut based whipped topping – Coconut oil as raw material and basic palm-alternative – palm oil free and based on non-hydrogenated fat



Based on non-hydrogenated fat,  no need for “hydrogenated fat source” labelling.
Healthy and Health perception of coconut vs. palm oil.

Creamy mouthfeel at high dosage – light mouthfeel at low dosage. Fit for different applications – reducing sourcing complexity. Opportunity for new concepts.

Easy to spread and fast subsequent solidification. Resulting in smooth surface and sharp edges. Opportunity for new consumer concepts.


  • Mousse
  • Low aerated dessert
  • Ice cream
  • Cake decoration & filling
  • Whipping cream

Lamequick CN 7940 shows Stable Volume and Reliable Firmness at Different Dosages and at a Broad Temperature Range.

Certifications: Halal, Gluten free, Non-GMO Statement. Vegetarian Friendly


Sugar OUT – Fiber IN. Sweet Fiber Powder!

Chimab launches Sensus Frutalose SFP: innovative and multipurpose product, ideal in “low sugar – high fiber” & “clean label” applications.
From chicory root fiber the solution for reducing sugar and improving fiber content.


  • 50% sweetness of sucrose
  • Easy sugar replacement
  • 2 kcal/gram
  • 85% dietary fiber
  • High solubility
  • Clean label
  • Low Glycemic response
  • Masking HIS, if used

Discover all the advantages of FRUTALOSE SFP - follow our updates ; ;