The sector dedicated to the dairy industry, to support it in the needs for preservation, stability and improving the texture of milk-based products through a wide range of ingredients and functional systems.



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Chimab R&D extends functional solutions range for vegan and vegetarian products and presents Veggie Cheese, an innovative food ingredient solution based on vegetal proteins. Veggie Chese is perfect for cheese – like vegan products, with texture, appearance and mouthfeel as milk based products.

Tasty and healthy, allergen and dairy free solutions

• no milk, soy, gluten derivatives
• no artificial colourings or preservatives
• no E number
• rich in proteins
• performing and easy to use
• multipurpose solutions:

Veggie Cheese also improve traditional dairy products: it optimizes processes and production time in dairy.


Sugar OUT – Fiber IN. Sweet Fiber Powder!

Chimab launches Sensus Frutalose SFP: innovative and multipurpose product, ideal in “low sugar – high fiber” & “clean label” applications.
From chicory root fiber the solution for reducing sugar and improving fiber content.


  • 50% sweetness of sucrose
  • Easy sugar replacement
  • 2 kcal/gram
  • 85% dietary fiber
  • High solubility
  • Clean label
  • Low Glycemic response
  • Masking HIS, if used

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