The sector addressed the bakery and milling industry, providing additives, ingredients and customized food ingredient solutions. Our team provides technical support to develop new products and solve critical points in production and formulation. The R&D laboratory develops functional systems and tailor-made blends in partnership with customers, offering ingredients mixes to improve texture and dough leavening, raise volume and freshness, extend shelf life with solutions for clean label. The internal mixing lines satisfy any production and packaging need: blend for baking, enzymes mixes, improvers for flour, bread, biscuits, snacks, sweets and cakes, also packaged in single-serve sachets.



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Enzyme based solutions for baking

Chimab’s Baking & Confectionery business unit works with the baking and milling industries to support them in their daily challenge for innovating and improving new products.

Natural, clean label, traditional, healthy: these are the new buzzwords in today’s food and beverage industry: CHIMAB developed a range of functional ingredient solutions based on enzymes that meet these needs, respecting the baking and milling tradition.

CHIMAB food ingredient solutions benefits:

  • Improvement of gluten network
  • Avoid of dough relaxation
  • Yeald improvement
  • Freshness and shelf life improvement
  • Mechanical stress resistance
  • Improvement of dough stability
  • Crust crunchiness

In CHIMAB baking labs, our technician can develop a wide range of products for different production needs. We work together with our customers to study new systems that we transform into tailor made blends and different packaging solutions.

CHIMAB Baking product range includes:

  • MIXENZYME: range of semi-finished product for baking products
  • PANEMPROVERS: for flour improvement
  • PANENZYME: Range of baking enzymes

Please contact CHIMAB team for discovering our food ingredient solutions – ; 049 920 1496


Food additive E450: diphosphate as leavening agent and acidity regulator in ready-to-use leavened dough

EU Regulation of 15 October 2014 n. 1084 from the European Commission allowed the use of food additive diphosphate (E 450) as leavening agent and acidity regulator in ready-to-use leavened dough.The regulation authorizes the use of adenosine diphosphate (E 450) in a maximum concentration of 12,000 mg/kg.

 For further information on ingredients and CHIMAB food ingredient solutions for the BAKING sector please contact our Customer Service – ; +39 049 9201496. Our technologists are at your disposal for designing innovative functional solutions, in line with the market trends (organic, clean label, allergen free)