The sector addressed the bakery and milling industry, providing additives, ingredients and customized food ingredient solutions. Our team provides technical support to develop new products and solve critical points in production and formulation. The R&D laboratory develops functional systems and tailor-made blends in partnership with customers, offering ingredients mixes to improve texture and dough leavening, raise volume and freshness, extend shelf life with solutions for clean label. The internal mixing lines satisfy any production and packaging need: blend for baking, enzymes mixes, improvers for flour, bread, biscuits, snacks, sweets and cakes, also packaged in single-serve sachets.



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Natural, healthy and traditional bakery products now is possible!

Natural, clean label, traditional, healthy: these are the new buzzwords in today’s food and beverage industry.
Products and ingredients bearing these tags have created a new trend among consumers.
Many “synthetic” ingredients used in food and beverage industry have a natural alternative but, a “simple” solution to develop new products, is not always possible.

Chimab’s Baking & Confectionery business unit works with the baking and milling industries to support them in their daily challenge to innovate and improve new products.

We pay attention to the new trends in consumers’ lifestyle and their needs regarding quality, health and tradition, combining demands for good and natural products with the technological requirements of the industry.

We work together with our customers to develop new systems that we transform into tailor made blends and packaging solutions to simplify their daily life.

Enzymes, fibers, vitamins, starch, natural preservative agents, fatpowders; these are some of the ingredients used to produce our blends.
In our Bakery Lab., we transform our experience and technical knowledge into a range of mixes meeting the demands of food market:

  • MIXENZYME: Tailor-made enzyme mixes
  • PANEMPROVERS: Tailor made bread improvers based on baking enzymes
  • PANENZYME: Range of baking enzymes applications
  • PANEMIX: Tailor-made ingredient and additive mixes

We study solutions together with our customer to convert ideas into products.


The effects of inulin on the sensory and physical properties of gluten-free products


  • Gluten Free market growth
  • Gluten Free Bread application
  • Gluten Free Muffin application

To keep pace with new trends Chimab has developed several Gluten Free solutions with Sensus inulin and oligofructose: applications for bread, muffins and baked goods overall.

Results on gluten-free bread

  • Loaf volume increase
  • Crust and crumb colour improvement
  • Sensory acceptance increase


Frutafit® benefit for gluten free muffin
Gluten free recipe with Frutafit® CLR:
Taste evaluation: More Soft, Moist, Tender, than reference, attractive colour. Perception of sweetness,  moistness , stickiness

Fiber enriched white bread with Frutafit® inulin
Bread with the appearance and eating properties of a white bread but due to the addition of Frutafit® inulin the dietary fiber content is increased
plus: Source of fiber

Other benefits.

  • Reduced baking time: Addition of inulin accelerates the baking process and crust formation; therefore the baking time can be reduced for the fiber enriched bread compared to the reference bread.
  • Premium product quality: Addition of fiber with inulin results in an excellent bread quality, in terms of appearance, taste and texture because of the neutral taste and the fact that inulin is a soluble fiber.
  • Dough viscosity: addition of Frutafit® influences dough viscosity, as a result of the water binding capacity of inulin