Chimab has been a supplier of food ingredients and a producer of functional semifinished products for the food industry since 1985.

Backed by in-depth technical and scientific know-how, for years the company has been studying and developing innovative systems to meet the needs of the food industry and to promote the healthiness, safety and naturalness of food products in respect for health and well-being.

  • We study the product and process needs of customers, always offering the most suitable products.
  • We anticipate the demands of the food industry through cutting-edge solutions and services.
  • We guarantee assistance and a highly specialised commercial and technical approach.

vision, mission and values

VISION: Being a partner of excellence of the Italian and international food industry

establishing customer relations that go beyond the classic customer-supplier type, proposing projects of value that make the difference.

MISSION: Developing and promoting functional ingredient solutions for the improvement and innovation of food products

  • Understanding the needs of every sector of the food industry, focusing on a highly specialised technical and commercial approach.
  • Offering a package of solutions consisting of products and services ensured by studying the customer's product and process needs.


Dedicated resources, a structured company system and an efficient team guarantee an ongoing, integrated and high value-added partnership:

  • Company R&D run by expert food technologists.
  • Specialised sales force dedicated to the various sectors of the food industry.
  • Technical-commercial team for before/after-sales application customer assistance.
  • Sound partnerships with the best suppliers of raw materials.
  • Expertise and experience in international markets.
  • Scientific Committee for internal coordination and strategy.
  • Careful and efficient Customer Service.

Expertise and know-how

We work synergically with our customers to ensure:

  • specialisation for any food and health sector
  • supply of excellent products
  • development of tailor-made food ingredient solutions in our pilot plants
  • before and after sales technical- commercial assistance (professional and timely)
  • training and research for specific needs
  • just in time deliveries
  • tradition and innovation in the food technology.

our numbers, your guarantees

  • Over 2,000 product references.
  • Over 1,200 active customers.
  • Over 16,500 tons of material delivered each year.
  • Over 200 of the best international suppliers of raw materials.

Chimab promotes the improvement of its products and its own organisation.

These are the ingredients that really make the difference, and make us stand out for maximum reliability: quality, innovative solutions and a dynamic team that works with care and passion.