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Summer closing

From 11/8/2017 until 20/8/2017 included we will be closed for summer holidays: during this period it will not be possible to make shipments or deliveries carriage. Moreover, considered the interruption of transports service, we will be able to ensure deliveries only before 11/08/2017.
For their planning, please send us your orders by August 4th for raw materials, and by July 14th for our semi-processed products.

All orders received after 04/08/2017 will be delivered only at the re-opening of the shipping, therefore raw  materials will be shipped form our warehouse from 22/8/2017 on. Orders of Chimab semi-processed products received after 14/7/2017  will be shipped only after 28/8/2017.

For special enquiries, please contact our sales department: chimab@chimab.it - +39 049 9201496.

Thank you.


Food Ingredient: l-ergotinone allowed in dietary supplements (EU Decision 2017/1281)

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 13 July 2017 no. 1281, authorized the use of l-ergotionine in food supplements, in accordance with the rules governing new products and novel food ingredients.

Provisions provided for in EU Decision no. 2017/1281

EU authorizes the use of l-ergotionine in food supplements for the general population, excluding infants and young children in early childhood and pregnant and lactating women, with a maximum content of:

  • 30 mg / day for the general population (excluding pregnant and lactating women);
  • 20 mg / day for children older than 3 years in capsules or in tablets.

In order to be marketed in the European Union, the new ingredient  must comply with the technical specifications set out in the Annex of the new Decision.l


The authorized name to be included in the labeling of food supplements containing l-ergotionine is "l-ergotionein".