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Food flavoring: prohibited the use of five substances in certain food categories from 18 August 2016 (EU Regulation no. 2016/1244)

The European Commission  has prohibited the use of flavorings p-mentha-1,8-dien-7-ol, mirtenolo, mirtenale acetate, p-mentha-1,8-dien-7-yl acetate of mirtenile in certain food categories, from 18 August 2016.

The European Commission, with EU Regulation of 28 July 2016 n. 1244, to modify the Community legislation governing flavorings and certain food ingredients with flavoring properties for use in and on foods, ordered the ban on the use of five substances for specific categories of foods.

The regulations come into effect August 18, 2016.


Food Ingredients: permitted the sale of milk treated with UV rays and the use of trans-resveratrol substance in food supplements (EU Decision n. 2016/1189 and no. 2016/1190)

EU Decision n. 2016/1189: The new EU Decision provides that the milk treated with UV rays can be placed on the market as a novel food and provided that the maximum amount of vitamin D3 does not exceed:

  •     5-32 for the whole pasteurized milk, which can be consumed as such by the general population to the exclusion of infants;
  •     1-15 for the partially pasteurized skimmed milk, which can be consumed as such by the general population to the exclusion of infants.

Indication label report: The name is allowed to bear the labeling of milk treated with UV rays is:

  •     "Milk treated with UV rays";
  •     "It contains vitamin D produced through treatment with UV rays" or "milk containing vitamin D resulting from treatment with UV", in the case where content is a quantity of vitamin D than 5.375 per 100 ml.

EU Decision n. 2016/1190
The EU Decision in question authorizes the use of trans-resveratrol in food supplements in the form of capsules or tablets intended for adults as long as you do not exceed the maximum dose of 150 mg daily. The new ingredient to be marketed in the European Union must comply with the technical specifications laid down in the Annex to the new Decision.

Indication to be reported in the label of the foods that contain the new ingredient
The name is allowed to bear the labeling of food supplements containing the substance in question is: "trans-resveratrol".
Finally, the labeling must be reported indicating that consumption of the product in combination with medicines can only take place under medical supervision.