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Springarom® specific savoury flavour bases

Springarom® is a line of unique flavour bases derived from yeast extracts. They provide more specific flavour notes, such as chicken, beef juice, beef extract, meat gravy, roasted meat, grilled meat, smoked meat and cheese,  in a wide range of applications, including animal-free formulations suitable for vegetarian foods. In this range, Biospringer has yeast extract products or process flavours.

The yeast extracts of our Springarom® line are:

  • Clean-label: no hidden ingredients
  • Clean-tasting: no off-notes
  • 100% natural: nothing artificial
  • 100% water-soluble: blends easily
  • Available in fine powder form
  • Kosher Parve, Halal, GMA safe, ISO 9001 certified: appropriate for a wide consumer base
  • GMO free, animal free, allergen free: answer to consumer concerns

Salt content: varies from 0 to 40 percent

Label declaration: flavouring or process flavour, according to EU regulation 1334/2008/EC* – Some products may be labelled as yeast extracts




CHIMAB R&D has developed an innovative functional system for ice cream, made from starch and vegetable protein, ideal for vegetarians and vegans. The ice cream obtained is milk and lactose free, highly digestible, with the taste and the typical creaminess of the classic ice cream, with no cholesterol or animal fats.

VEGGIE CREAM is a ingredientistic system with unique funcionalities:

  •      high and stable overrun
  •      stable emulsion for different ice and fat amounts
  •      good thermal stability and shelf life
  •      excellent creaminess and spreadability
  •      no aftertaste

Free-from solutions:

  •      vegetable protein
  •      without allergens
  •      vegan
  •      SUGAR FREE, with no added sugar

VEGGIE CREAM formulation is suitable for artisanal and industrial process.