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Chimab, always attentive to food industry needs and consumers demands, presents Meat Analogue product range, complete functional mixes for vegetarian and vegan products as meat-free burgers, “meat-balls”, nuggets and sausage.

VEGGIE BURG: line for 100% vegetal products, based on pea proteins, with strong nutrient values, low fat and high protein content.

Fresh, natural and healthy finished product customized in specific production needs or particular flavor profiles, to meet consumers’ requests. 


  • no E numbers
  • without  artificial colours or preservatives
  • rich in fibers and proteins
  • low fat
  • only natural flavouring
  • great taste&attractive visual aspect: texture and appearance similar to meat products.
  • same production process of meat-based products
  • multi – purpose solution: for burgers, “meat-balls”, nuggets, sausages, ragout, vegetarian roast


CHIMAB solutions for GLUTEN and LACTOSE FREE baking products

CHIMAB R&D Labs have always been attentive to market trends, such as “clean label”, “free from”. They recently developed food ingredient solutions to meet the needs of customers.

PANEMPROVER product range is suitable for bakery products preparation, especially the traditional Italian products as panettone, pandoro, focaccia GLUTEN and LACTOSE FREE.

The ingredient solutions are made of starches, rice flour and vegetable fibers, allow to bake a soft product, easy to cut and with a good crumb structure. The dough can be enriched with chocolate drops, candied fruits and raisins, with a perfect rising.

Production process is easy and quick: simply add PANEMPROVERS to the other ingredients and let rise once, for 150 minutes.

All CHIMAB solutions are tailor made, following specific production and/or flavouring client’s needs.
For further information and tailor made solutions please contact our experts: chimab@chimab.it, +39 049 9201496